A story of His Faithulness

I try not to write too much about my personal stories simply because this is a public blog, but I was told this was one to share. I wrote a blog titled "is He faithful?" this morning. Then God proved again tonight just how faithful He is. My dear friend Macy saw my Facebook status saying that He had proved Himself faithful then immediately texted me to ask what God had done. I love having a friend like that who is interested in what God is doing. After hearing the story she said itd be a good story to share. So here it is :)

I was driving the bus home from our girls basketball games. (Which my team won by one with .3 seconds left had to brag on them) As I was driving the Holy Spirit moved me to begin praying. So I did.

A few minutes later I just felt like I needed to slow down and really pay attention. Less than a minute later I had to swing the bus around a stalled 18 wheeler. The 18 wheeler had no lights on and was completely blocking the lane. I could not see him at all in the dark.

I was able to safely swing around it because I had slowed down and was alert. I slowed down and was alert because the Holy Spirit knows what I don't know and God is faithful.

When He speaks it is always with purpose. Listen and obey.

I'm thankful tonight as I am reminded of His faithfulness to me and all of those young ladies in my care.

Be blessed, J. Tate