Above the Emotion Part 2

I'm really trying to decide which direction I want to take this post, so there is a possibility of a Part 3. There is so much to say about our emotions. I said in part 1 that I had noticed how negative emotions in my life had caused me to be distracted from the things of God. I look around today and I see a big problem with our society and that is that we encourage people to live out of emotions! Take a second to reflect on this: We encourage people to do what they "feel" like doing. We encourage people to "follow their heart" (Most of you have already heard my rant on that statement so I'll spare you), Say what you think, do what feels good, express "your feelings" etc.

Think about it: We have elementary school students "dating". We have 6th graders pregnant. Middle school students laughing and joking about sex, drugs, getting drunk; they're cursing, throwing temper tantrums, severely overweight, failing multiple classes for lack of effort, etc. All of these are examples of how we've shown them to just do what they "feel" like doing.

It'd be easier for me to say well, that's just the non-Christians, they don't have Jesus... BUT... Our divorce rate is just as high as outside of the church. People  rush to get married because they "feel" like it because they want to have sex and not because they've prayed and gotten a word from God. We are called hypocrites because we allow our anger level to get so high that we blow up on someone and have too much pride to go and repent. We're too scared to stand up for what is holy and pure so we talk and joke about the same things the world does. We watch the same movies and listen to the same music because "we like the way it sounds". We decide what job we want, when we want to have kids, what food we want to eat, what stuff we'll watch, how we'll react to situations... we dictate our own lives out of our emotions, what we want, think, feel, and then go to church and sing "you are my all in all", "it's all about you", "I surrender all", "empty me"... etc.

I'm so thankful for grace, because I know that I have fallen into some of those categories. There are many times that I have done things due to what "I feel like doing" or what I wanted. However, with knowledge comes accountability.

God is showing me to live ABOVE OUR EMOTIONS. We have to learn to not allow our emotions dictate our actions. Monitor your emotions. I have found myself multiple times a day the last few weeks saying "It's not about me". When I am tempted to get upset and be frustrated with others I just say to myself, it's not about me. When I wake up in the morning and I feel like sleeping in another 30 minutes rather than getting up to worship and read the Word, I remind myself "It's not about me". When I start craving 3rd oreo when I know I don't need it, I remind myself "It's not about me". When someone has hurt my feelings and all I want to do is run to them and tell them how much they hurt me and how upset I am, I remind myself "It's not about me". When I want to make decisions about my future based off of what will make me happy, I remember "It's not about me"

I am not saying that is not okay to have emotions, but I am seeing where those negative emotions can cause us to do/think/say things that don't line up with the Word. We have to teach ourselves and others that life is not about doing what we "feel". Always doing what we "feel" WILL CERTAINLY lead to an ungodly and undisciplined life.

Do what is right even when you don't feel like it and see how God will begin to bless you and change your attitude. Let's please Him with our lives, by being Romans 12:1 Christians, having our lives (our actions, our feelings, our thoughts, our words) be an actual living sacrifice, holy and acceptable, to Him.

My heart yearns to see these young people and those around me learn that they can serve God, that they don't have to just do what they feel like doing, only what feels good, but rather can run to Jesus for everlasting joy and peace. Be Blessed, J. Tate