Mission Accomplished

It is SPRING BREAK! I am thankful for sleeping in an hour, reading a book, studying the Word, seeing friends, afternoon naps, coffee shops, a possible massage and pedicure... All things I'm hoping to really enjoy this week. I like the philosophy of work on the front 9 and play on the back 9. Over the last couple of days I've been working to get as much Africa stuff squared away as possible! PLANE TICKETS ARE BOUGHT! I'll be leaving Houston on June 27 and landing in Entebbe on June 29th. I'll take a short flight from Entebbe into S. Sudan on June 30th. On July 14th I'll fly back to Entebbe from S. Sudan and meet up with Maegan Rossow. Then we'll take a car from Entebbe over to Kampala, Uganda. We'll spend 6 days in kampala before coming back to Entebbe to catch a flight home. We'll be back in Houston on July 23rd.

T-SHIRT DESIGNS ARE FINISHED! The vote was pretty close on the two shirts so we decided to go with BOTH! I'll attach those designs at the bottom. They are $15 a piece and all proceeds go to both mine and Maegan's trips. Everything we make will be split in half any special donations you want to make over the cost, just let us know so that we can appropriate them towards the right trip.

BRACELETS ARE ALMOST HERE! We had silicone bracelets made that say "Love God. Love People. Africa 2012". These bracelets are $4 a piece or 3 for $10. Funds from bracelets will also be divided in half.

PRAYER GROUP! I created a prayer group on facebook and if you have an account, I'd really appreciate you joining. I cannot stress enough that over finances I want your prayers. Daddy God has always been faithful to provide finances and protection, but it is your prayers for me and for the people I come in contact with that will pave the way for God to move mightily while I am there. http://www.facebook.com/groups/146767538779050/

NEWSLETTERS! Almost all of my newsletters have been sent out. If you have not received one and wanted one shoot me a comment/message/text and I'll get you one in the mail. PLEASE NOTE! I really want you to take a newsletter even if you have NO INTENTION of giving financially. Inside what I send you is a newsletter for you to hang, but also a self addressed and stamped envelope where you can mail back to me a card that you can check that you are praying for me! I am keeping all of these cards to remind me that there is a PRAYER BASE praying while I am gone.


1. The easiest way for you would be to receive a newsletter and drop a check inside the self addressed and stamped envelope provided. If you are wanting a t-shirt or bracelet just stick a note in there for me with which items you want and what size. 2. If you are more technology savvy it is now possible to donate online in two ways. A. IF YOU HAVE A PAY PAL ACCOUNT- You can log into your paypal account and click "send money". When it asks for the email account to send money to type in:      jatmissions@gmail.com If you are ordering a t-shirt or bracelet just make sure you add that in the notes or send me a message.

B. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A PAY PAL ACCOUNT- You can send me a message/comment/text with your email address and  letting me know what items you want to get or how much you want to donate. With that I can create an email "invoice". On the invoice will be a link that says "pay now". When you click pay now it will allow you to enter your credit/debit information securely on pay pal's website without having to create a pay pal account.

Below are the two designs of the shirts... If you want one just let me know which shirt either "heart" or "feet" and what size!

Be Blessed, J. Tate