Moments in Time

Time is precious. It goes by altogether too fast and yet we spend the majority of it doing things we don't necessarily enjoy or that are somewhat meaningless in the big scheme of things. I know my time is extremely valuable, most likely like 98% of the American population, I'd deem myself as a "busy" person. It often seems as though I am "on the go" from 5 a.m. until I crawl into my bed around 10 p.m. at night with barely enough energy to pull the covers back for me to slide under. It's highly likely that I'm  being over-dramatic.

As church ended today I usually go one of a few well known directions with whichever different group of "lunch eaters" from church I choose to join that Sunday. However, on this particular day I really just had the urge to go... home. I came and I sat down on my couch in complete silence as I thought, "What now?". I usually have well thought out Sunday afternoons that help me to feel productive, but today I'm home, alone, in silence, I don't want the tv on, no music, or any noise, all of my productive things I usually do are done. I'm not sleepy enough for a nap. In reality I have nothing that "needs" to be done.

Here it was... this thing... this thing I don't know how to cope with.... Free Time. Oh there are many things I could come up with to do that would make me feel more "disciplined", "spiritual", and quite possibly a better all around person, but listen to what happened yesterday.

Yesterday I slept until 7:30. It had been an exhausting week, just busy, and dealing with various issues had in the easiest terms I know "WORE ME OUT". As I discussed that with a friend on Friday night, she said, sleep in. Relax. I quickly and fervently replied, absolutely not, I will wake up at 5:30, go on my run, have my Bible time, and do my routine as usual. You see, I'm pretty passionate about my life being disciplined, I DO NOT sleep in, I do not take a day off and yet I accidentally slept in. As I woke up, quite literally astonished with myself, the Holy Spirit spoke to me. "You often ignore me, to achieve your idea of discipline" When God tries to tell me to do something and it contradicts what I THINK is "discipline", I'll often write it off as my flesh.

I'm not saying be lazy, I'm not saying lack discipline, but I'm saying sometimes sleeping in is okay, sometimes not having something to do every waking moment is okay. Naps are okay. Relaxing is okay. Did you know sitting on the couch just goofing off is okay?

I learned this lesson yesterday. So what did I do for 30 minutes all by myself in the quiet?

Yea... I just had a little fun...

Be Blessed, J. Tate