Mosquitos Understand

Yesterday we had a very big game in Splendora, TX. Unfortunately our softball girls lost 3-1 with a great attempt to take back the game with bases loaded in the last inning. As we're fighting back, I'm over at first base constantly moving in attempt to keep from being eaten alive by those nasty little blood suckers... mosquitos.

As the game wrapped up and we huddled around for our after game talk, the girls were constantly slapping at their arms and legs to shew them away and it was then that the Holy Spirit showed me something.

Mosquitos understand a very important Christian principle. It's all about the blood. Mosquitos don't seem to have any other truth to their lives except that they need the blood. I wonder how powerful the body of Christ might become if we could adapt this concept.

The blood of Jesus is all we need.

The mosquitos were unaware of the intensity of the moment as they attempted to take my blood at first base. They were again unaware of the frustrations of the game as they mercilessly swarmed the girls after the game. Though this was irritating to all of us, the mosquitos understand.

Circumstances don't change where our power lies. It's all in the blood of Jesus. Whether circumstances are hard, easy, whether we've succeeded, or struggled, through intense moments or while we're enjoying the breeze... no matter the circumstances we have to stay focused on the truth that it's all about the blood.

The blood is the greatest demonstration of love and it defeated sin and death giving us the power to live this life without worry, fear, and anxiety.

Be Blessed, J. Tate