You Don't Need a Breakdown, You Need a Breakthrough!

I wrote yesterday about God's grace and it being sufficient for our lives. It's not ironic that I then had a very exhausting and testing day where I allowed myself to get easily frustrated with several situations throughout the day, had a few things occur that pricked at my heart. Now this is the part where I'm going to tell on myself and once again show you how ridiculous and immature I am sometimes. Please be reminded I don't tell on myself for the fun of it, but in hopes that someone else out there may need to hear what God is showing me.

By the time the school day was over all I really wanted to do was either take a hot shower and cry or go straight to bed (Am I the only one that gets this bad attitude occasionally?). I was talking to someone and I mentioned I'm just planning my breakdown, as soon as school is out, I'm going to go away and take a couple of days and I'm just going to cry and get all of this built up emotion out from everything that's going on and then I'll just do nothing.

Can I comment here, that God has this tendency to take words that I say, and then oh so preciously use them to set me straight later? He is a good Daddy and He wants me to have His thoughts, His mindsets, His words, and sometimes I realize that we, just like fish, are better when we keep our mouth shut, then you can't get caught. LOL.

So I was singing along in praise at church and a song came on that I have been playing every morning the last couple of weeks..."The Sound" by Covenant House... It basically says (in my words) we'll keep praising. No matter what the circumstances. We'll still praise. We'll praise until you bring breakthrough.

As worship came, I felt that nudging to just get facedown, so I got on my face, and it didn't take two seconds before I heard the Lord's stern, loving, Daddy voice... "You don't need a breakdown, you need a breakthrough"

And if there is an exciting part to this story it's that, I didn't argue, there was no point, I knew He was right. It's about time I start growing up.

My friends, we don't need breakdowns, we need breakthroughs. We don't ALWAYS need circumstances to change, WE NEED TO CHANGE. In the world there is tribulation, BUT HE HAS OVERCOME THE WORLD. The question is not what are the circumstances, but are you standing in faith while things are difficult? Will you trust in Him with ALL YOUR HEART, LEAN NOT ON YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING... Go read all the words of Paul on tribulations and remember through it all we are becoming more like Jesus. Stand strong, don't breakdown, praise Him, worship Him, give Him glory, and BREAKTHROUGH.

Be Blessed,

J. Tate