Self Sacrifice, London, and Arrival

"I wanted to be a vet until I found out you had to give shots" ~Me"I wanted to me a missionary until I found out you had to get shots" ~Maegan

Little did she know. LOL.

I'm sitting in the guest house room in an Entebbe and I'll try to share my thoughts from the last two days.

Why is self sacrifice in the title you ask? Because I self sacrificed and spent THIRTY full minutes inside an art museum so Maegan could look at paintings by dead men that I am more convinced than ever were on drugs while painting. I tried to keep the majority of my thoughts to myself until one picture brought me to tears. It was of jesus washing the disciples feet. It's foolish to think that my short time in an art museum is self sacrifice when I think about Him. Jesus didn't live on occasional moments of self sacrifice He was the eptiome of self sacrifice, even to the point of death. Perhaps I should spend more time in "art museums", more time doing things that don't have my own interest, comfort, desires, at heart. hmm... just a thought.

In London we were able to stop by the Imperial War Museum and see the Holocaust Exhibit. if you've read my blog much, you know that I enjoy studying the Holocaust. It wasn't until walking through that exhibit that i realized, I have a deep compassion inside of me for nations effected by genocide, mass murder, ethnic cleaning. My first trip to Africa was to Rwanda, a nation devestated by genocide, and now I'll be visiting Sudan, well known for the genocide in Darfur. I long to see redemption and restoration in these nations. I serve a God who loves life. He is a life giver. It burdens me to think that this young generation is so numb to the concept of death. They murder people in video games without second thought, watch movies that involve murder as comedy, and yet the finality and concept of actual death seems to escape them. Will this numbness to death of others result in numbness to the death of a Savior on a cross? I pray not. I still stand firm in my belief that if the cross, or any loss of life for that matter, doesn't stir up emotion inside of us, then we need a heart check. I believe my eyes will be more opened in these next few weeks to things I've tried to ignore...

Tomorrow I leave for S. Sudan and will not be able to blog or write. I will update when possible please be raying for Maegan in northern Uganda!


Be Blessed,

J. Tate