God's Blanket and South Sudan

The internet here is touch and go, so this update will be brief and then I'll write more when I am back in Uganda. 

Besides the fact that I haven't taken a shower since Saturday and my back hurts from sleeping on the ground. Things are great this side.

We went to the hospital on Sunday and saw God heal many. A paralytic began to move his legs, a man with a gun shot wound said the pain left, a lady who was barely moving from pain in her abdomen and back was up and moving around after prayer, we prayed for people with typhoid, flesh eating disease, malaria etc. Remember that hospitals here are quite different than American hospitals. As the nurses heard of the healings taking place in the ward we were in they came out and asked us to come to their ward too! God is good.

The children's villiage is incredible and I can't wait to have time to talk about some of the things going on here on base, but those will wait until later. Pray for July 9th the one year anniversary of S. Sudan independence.

God's blanket is a piece of "farming God's way" an awesome thing I can't wait to talk about more when interent is more stable!

Your prayers are felt, keep them coming.

Be Blessed,
J. Tate