Get Lower Still

Heidi Baker and her husband Rolland started Iris Ministries. They now have bases all over Africa and have literally adopted more orphans than we can imagine and seen more miracles than I’ve dreamed of from simple infections leaving to the raising of the dead. I was told this story about Heidi.  

At one point the Gideons contacted Iris Ministries about donating a MEGA amount of Bibles. Some Gideons came to Mozambique to meet with Iris Ministries on the details. Heidi went into the room and sat down with a couple of men from Gideons. Before they could begin the meeting one of the men said to Heidi, is there any way we can speak with a man?


I think if I were Heidi I might have wanted to said, yes of course you can speak with a man, fly back to America with your foolish pride and speak to all the men you want, or something along the lines of, yes I know just the man you need to talk to, His name is Jesus and He’s the one that called me to start this ministry and build this ministry, or perhaps you’d like to meet the man that was dead and after I laid hands on Him, now He’s alive. Which man would you like to speak to... Sir?


But that’s not how it went down. Instead Heidi simply said of course you can, would you like to speak to my husband, an African, or anyone specific? She brought them a man to do the deal and never complained once.


Heidi is known for saying and if you think you’ve gotten as low as you can go, get lower still.


This struck me to my core. When you think you’ve served all you can serve, serve more. When you think you’ve become as humble as possible, be more humble. When you think you’ve died to self completely, die more. When you feel like you’ve put EVERYONE above yourself and your desires, find that one person that you still feel like you’re above and put them above you. Get Lower Still.


Jesus washed the feet of his disciples and the one that would betray him, The Lord of Lords and King of Kings got lower than his betrayer. Teach us Lord, get lower still.

Be Blessed,

J. Tate