I cannot put in words how humbled I am, how blessed I feel, and the tears that breech my eyes even now, at the faithfulness of God. I have a story that I know will get through "the circle" and you faithful readers will get the whole story before anyone else. This is just one story that has some pretty big news, but I will be writing more blogs soon that tell of some of the awesome miracles I've seen God do over the last 2 wks. Let's start with the story about God talking some crazy talk to me during a prayer time in S. Sudan. I was just worshiping and praying when I kept getting one word in my Spirit... "Thursday." Well, after what God had already been doing in S. Sudan, I got very excited thinking God was saying He was going to do something BIG on Thursday. So I asked Him. What's Thursday? I felt very strongly that God was talking about my travel dates. I continued worshiping and figured I'd pray and journal about this more later. So in my journal I have the date, time, and "Thursday" written, along with some thoughts on what maybe God was talking about.

Thursday?!? I wasn't leaving S. Sudan on Thursday. I wasn't getting anywhere on Thursday. Our flights didn't leave, land, or anything with Thursday. So I sent Maegan a quick email as soon as I had internet access (I believe God sends people out in twos for a reason, and fully believed if God was talking to me, He'd be talking to Maegan too, even if we weren't in the same country). My email was to the point. "Has God been talking to you about our travel dates at all? I'm getting something, but I want to hear what God is telling you first."

So the more I think about this, I'm thinking "GOD WANTS TO EXTEND OUR TRIP!!! He's got some big things in mind for our meetings in Kampala and He wants us to stay longer!!!" Not really praying about that much, but allowing my emotions to take over. Little did I know what Maegan was getting in her Spirit :) When Maegan read my email she told someone "Jess may want to stay longer and she can stay as long as she wants, but it's time for me to go home!" This in and of itself is different for Maegan because SHE LOVE LOVE LOVES AFRICA and typically never wants to leave. Soooo, Maegan wasn't going to tell me what she was feeling, but rather replied "You tell me what God is telling you, and I'll let you know how I feel about it!"

So this took over the span of a few days and one night I got this weird feeling in my gut, didn't think anything of it and I went to bed. When I woke up in the morning, I'd had a very vivid dream about Maegan and I taking a flight out of Africa... EARLY... and landing in America on... yea you guessed it... THURSDAY. I'm sure by now you get where the story is going, but keep reading anyway. I decided to dismiss the dream... until I talked to Maegan's mom for a few minutes that day.

It's just a God thing that I was able to talk to her. It just happened to be the day, the only day, that I had reliable internet access in S. Sudan. I found out that Maegan had not been feeling well and her grandmother was not doing well physically at all. I told Mrs. Lisa that I thought maybe we needed to leave a few days early and that I would talk to Maegan about it as soon as that was possible. I didn't feel like that was enough, now other than leaving later, I was feeling strongly we needed to leave and be home on... THURSDAY. My head could not make sense of it, but I knew in my gut.

I went ahead and put a call into the airline. I had everything set up where all I needed was the go from Maegan, put in one more call to the airline and we'd have our tickets changed. I still didn't have a clue what Maegan was getting from God or how she was doing, (besides being sick, physically) God is so good that the finances were going to balance out by what we were saving by leaving and how much it would cost to change the flight! On top of that, my spiritual mother (Laurie Glazener) had told me months before I left the states, "Jess I don't know why, but I feel like you need to buy traveler's insurance." Yea, I was thinking she was crazy to spend that extra money, but here we are and once again, God knows what we don't, and we should be able to get reimbursed for the flight change.

When I was finally able to talk to Maegan, I told her, I don't know what you've gotten from the Lord, and I'm not saying I understand it, but I feel like we need to leave early. So of course I then find out that she'd felt we needed to leave early since she got my first email!!! Now here's where some cool things begin.

We still didn't really understand why we needed to leave on that specific day, but in obedience I called the airline again. As I'm on the phone with the representative she says I'm sorry ma'am but there are no more seats for that day. I said "okay thank  you, one moment please." All I could do was say a quick prayer. "Jesus if you want us to leave that day, give us 2 seats." The very next thing I hear, "Ma'am it looks like two seats just opened up!"

And as if that wasn't enough confirmation. We found out that Maegan's Nonny had a rough night and wasn't doing well. Upon that news, obviously Maegan felt a huge need to be home with her.  We then found out that Maegan's Mom's vacation begins on FRIDAY, the day after we would be home, so as Mrs. Lisa leaves, Maegan will be arriving to be with Nonny.

All of this, from one word, "Thursday".

So, I know this has been a long story, but I also know many of you will want to understand why we're coming home early. Neither of us like that we are having to leave Africa early, but we obviously, without a doubt, believe we're doing exactly what Daddy God wants us to do. He desires our obedience and not sacrifice and that's my desire, to be obedient to Him.

God still has great things in store for these next 7 days. There will be ministry in the slums, ministering in churches, schools, and businesses. God also opened up an awesome door where we'll be on a radio show and then be interviewed on a 45 minute tv segment and I'll also be allowed to share the Word. That tv segment will be aired all over Uganda. Praise God for opening doors for the gospel. Please pray for these next days that the Lord's will be done, that we only speak as the Holy Spirit leads. There are still great stories to tell, but I'll end for now.

Be Blessed, J. Tate