Water Into Wine

Do you want to know what is better than water being turned into wine? Let me tell you. Cold water being made hot... It's way better than water into wine for several reasons. Number 1) I don't drink alcohol, so what good would wine do for me? Number 2) Who drinks out of "water jars of stone" these days anyway? (John 2:6) Number 3) Hot showers (preferably running water) rank in the top 5 greatest inventions of all time Number 4) Have I ever mentioned how much I really really like hot showers?

So for someone who typically showers 1-2x a day with the water all the way to scalding (or burn your skin) hot for anywhere from 5-45 minutes, it's probably not needed to be said, but after two weeks of bucket showers with cold water, I was ready for a HOT SHOWER.

Upon arriving at a hotel I'll be at for 2 days before starting some ministry in Kampala, the first thing I did was test the water to see if it was hot. Let it run. Ice cold. Run a little longer. Ice cold. Hot? Nope it wasn't. Then there was this slight feel of warmth that made it above freezing, or maybe my imagination, but and still I WAS PUMPED. It was going to be "warm" (can you call that warm really?) and running not poured into a cup then poured over my body.

After doing today's activities I arrived back at the hotel and threw up a quick prayer before stepping into my shower. "Hey Jesus, I would really appreciate some hot water, by the way You're awesome and way better than running water, no matter the temperature" (Yea that's really what I said)

I step in and flip the water on... I NEARLY JUMPED OUT OF THE SHOWER THE WATER WAS SOOO HOT. Not only for a brief moment, but for a delightful slice of heaven 25 minute shower, I had not just barely warm water, not just hot water, but have to turn it down a little, burn my skin hot water.

So, Jesus may have turned water into wine, but He turned my water from cold to hot, and I definitely prefer that to wine in a stone jar. That's just me.

Don't forget that God is very much present in the details of your life. Walking with Jesus is an adventure and miracles are in His character. Everyday there are things He's waiting to do for you, you just have to ask. (James 4:2) Some days we'll see Him heal the sick whether it be your headache or cancer, then some days He'll give you noodles, make your water hot, or have someone send you an encouraging note. They're still miracles and they're still just part of living in the blessing and covenant of a child of God.

Be Blessed (really), J. Tate