Lovers of Your Presence

A passion's stirring deep inside, you're all that really satisfies, we worship you... We're lovers of your presence, We're lovers of your presence, we're lovers of your presence.

Today we met up with Revelation Life, an amazing ministry, doing some awesome things for Jesus in the slums. They begin everyday with worship before going out Mon. - Fri. to the slums. As we had an amazing hour and a half of worship with just a guitar and African drum, they began to sing this song. I just dropped down to the floor because the presence of God was so strong in the room. Afterwards I began to think on the words of that song. "You're all that really satisfies, we're lovers of your presence"

During my time in S. Sudan I began to love His presence in a deeper way. I can really say, a passion is stirring deep inside and you're all that really satisfies. I woke up praying while in Sudan, I went to bed praying and worshiping. I craved, needed, and relied on Him in a new way and so as we sang this morning my heart has never been more connected with those words.

Do we as a body of Christ, honestly love His presence? A good gauge would be how much time we choose to spend in His presence....

After worship we went out to go feed some families in the slums. You can feed 5 families for a week with just $20. I saw living conditions and physical conditions that I've never seen before. As much as it emotionally bothers me and grieves my heart I'm so thankful for the opportunity to see the things I saw today. Circumstances like those can really challenge what you believe about who God is or it can cause you to run to the Word and rely on who God is.

He is good. His Word is true.

Be Blessed,

J. Tate