Home Isn't A Place

I remember hearing once, "Home isn't a place, it's a feeling". I also remember thinking, "That is the most ridiculous statement I've ever heard." It's funny how life has it's way of changing and turning and God takes those moments to mold and shape us. I have been "home" for 5 days now and the truth is I have no "place". I'm in a transition period in my life, it began before Africa, and continues on in my return. I am living mainly out of a backpack and my car, I have suitcases at three different residences and I've slept in three different beds since I've been "home".

After the Lord told me not to renew my contract for Liberty ISD, I was offered a few positions in full time ministry and I'm now mainly considering just one specific job that we're still working out the details on. So, here I am freshly back from Africa where my life was so powerfully and wonderfully changed and at times I just found myself feeling "homeless" and stuck in a limbo.

This afternoon as I got a few minutes to myself for the first time in days it's like God Himself reminded me of those words. "Home isn't a place, it's a feeling". I might not currently have a "home", but I've been home. I've felt at home. I'm surrounded by people who have loved and supported me on my return. Youth who have been excited with me, hugged me, and cried while I cried. Really home is just where you are loved.

Soon I'll be leaving Liberty. I'm leaving some pretty stinking special people to me, and as I move, I know God will give me more special people. I'll have new neighbors, new pastors, new friends, new youth, and even new family. New people who will love me, care about me, and support me. New people for me to love, care about, and support. Yet, rather than having a new "home", I'll have another "home", because home isn't where I reside, it's just that feeling. It's that love.

Africa stories to follow in the new blogs... Be Blessed, J. Tate