Willing and Obedient

To be truly crucified with Christ means that we must without a doubt be sincerely willing and obedient. I'm learning some things lately about these two words. I mean what does that really mean to be willing?... I've prayed it more than 1,000x "Lord I just want to be willing and obedient". I looked up the definition of willing; "cheerfully consenting or ready"

I've said often that most of us don't have an "obedience" problem. If you knew without a doubt that God was telling you to do something, you'd just do it. The problem often comes in not being fully persuaded of what He is wanting. We're not talking about areas like premarital sex, drugs, alcohol, lying, stealing, cheating, jealousy, anger, etc. We know exactly what God desires in those areas. I'm talking about those "grey area questions". "Where do I go to college?" "Can I date him?" "Which job do you want me to take" "Which car should I buy" "Should I invest in this company" "Can we have a kid now" "Should I move" ETC.

If God boomed down with this loud over powering voice and said, "Jessika I want you to go to Texas Tech University", It wouldn't have taken any faith on my part, I wouldn't have spent the hours with Him in prayer and listening, and I wouldn't have learned to listen for the still small voice of my Father.

However, this is what I'm learning about being willing. Often times God is waiting for willingness until He'll give you the exact answer on how to be obedient. Are you ready to cheerfully consent to the direction God has for your life? Are you willing to hear  and obey Him if He says I want you to go there, no you can't do that, I'd rather you do this, yes, no, here, there. Whatever it may be, perhaps God isn't withholding direction, but rather waiting for willingness.

If you're lacking answers perhaps check your willingness. Are you ready to hear Him, regardless of what His answer is?

Be Blessed, J. Tate