A Disciplined Life

My goodness, Cajuns can cook. I've spent years working with the Holy Spirit to build a disciplined life. Disciplined in Spirit, Mind, and Body. There are times that discipline is easier than others. For instance working in the school system the last two years working out was DIFFICULT! I got to work between 5:30-6AM the majority of the time (sometimes earlier few times later) and often didn't get home until at least 8:30-9pm. That meant I had to get up EARLY to work out or try to fit in workouts during the afternoons I didn't have games. However, eating healthy was EASY! I didn't have time to go out to eat very often, I wasn't a huge fan of cafateria food, so I could pack something small and healthy for lunch everyday. I'll also admit that because I enjoy working out I didn't find that too difficult either.

Now here I am. I've been in Louisiana for 4 days. Quite literally I've eaten more in 4 days than I typically eat in 7. I've had crawfish etoufee', shrimp scampi, eggs and bacon, grilled and fried shrimp, some cajun chicken dish, gumbo, and more. I don't eat that much, but when you're around people constantly trying to shove food down your throat it's pretty difficult to turn it down... especially when it tastes so good. Most of you know cajun food is my weakness?!? In college we had crawfish boils in LUBBOCK, TX simply because I LOVE CAJUN FOOD!

This morning I was thinking about discipline. Are we disciplined only in areas that are easy? or do we discipline ourselves in every area? Diet and exercise have been an easy area for me, but now all the sudden... IT'S HARD! So do I give up being disciplined? What other areas have I not been disciplined in, just because it meant I'd have to crucify my flesh and it might not feel good?

Tomorrow I'll get up and run, just as I do every morning, but instead of stopping where I normally would, I'll go a little bit farther than I feel like I can. It's important to discipline ourselves Spirit, Soul, and Body beyond what our flesh feels like it can do. Pray a little bit longer, read a little more in your Word, go hug that person that smells, buy a gift for that person who has been rude, compliment the person who always brags on themself, do something out of your comfort zone during church, say no to a second helping or that piece of brownie, take a walk around the block, hold your tongue instead of losing your temper, wake up 20 minutes earlier to spend time with the Lord, turn off the tv for a week to focus on conversation with your family etc.

Do something that makes your flesh uncomfortable and work towards a disciplined spirit, soul, and body.

Be Blessed, J. Tate