The Power of the Word

I have been reading John 13-17 everyday for WEEKS UPON WEEKS! There is so much in these awesome chapters. So much about what Jesus gave us in the Holy Spirit, what He prayed for us to the Father... ahh good stuff.

This morning as I was reading John 14 AGAIN.... the joy of the Lord just began to sweep over me! My goodness we have the Holy Spirit. Do we even grasp what that really means? Jesus said it was better for Him to leave, so that we could receive the Holy Spirit, He says that through the Holy Spirit we're one with the Father which means we'll do greater works that Jesus did (v. 12), through Him we can have anything we ask in the name of Jesus (v. 14), He says the Holy Spirit will bring us to remembrance of Jesus' words (v. 26), the Holy Spirit is my helper (v. 16)

The Word has the power to change the course of your moment, your day, your life. By rereading this chapter this morning I am overjoyed, ready to go out with my Helper and do greater works that He did. I'm inspired and pumped up, I'm so so so thankful for Jesus sacrifice so that I could receive Him. All in result of reading the Word today and what I didn't say was I overslept (even though I went to bed early) and had to move my run to this afternoon so that I could have my time in the Word before I head to the church for prayer.

Isn't it amazing that I've read that passage more times than I can count in the past months and sometimes I get new revelation, sometimes it makes me cry out of gratefulness or conviction, and here reading it again it produced joy unspeakable!!!

Don't even get me started on John 15 (He is the vine), John 17 (His prayer for us), or Ephesians 1 (My pastor and I talked for a very long time yesterday about a "spirit of wisdom and revelation" whew!).

Take time to read daily. Even if all you can start with is one chapter. The Word will transform and renew your mind. It will affect your mind, will, emotions, and circumstances if put into practice. The Word is alive and it is for you.

Be Blessed, J. Tate