The Touch of Love

A few years ago, my friend Kayce, said something that really greatly impacted my life. We were walking along campus and she heard some bike tires squeal. She proceeded to tell me that she loves that sound and every time she hears bike tires squeal she is reminded that God loves her.

When Kayce told me that I immediately thought, wow, God what reminds me that You love me?

You see love can be felt, it can be heard, it can be seen. Yes the actual emotion of love is a feeling, but the truth is love has characteristics (1 Cor. 13). Think about an intimate relationship between man and woman. Love is felt in acts of intimacy, yes sex, but not just sex. Love is heard in the words "I love you", "You're beautiful", "Thank You", etc. Love is seen in acts of giving, service, and kindness. How about the love between friends? It is still felt, heard, and seen. There's not one person who truly loves that will tell you that love isn't felt in the heart. Love is indeed tangible.

It wasn't long after the event with Kayce that I realized what mine was. It's the wind. I LOVE THE WIND. In the wind, I feel like a new person, a free person, somehow feeling the wind causes everything wrong and painful to go away. I can't tell you how many times that simply being in the wind has brought complete peace, causes me to cry, caused me to laugh, caused me to just worship. Many times it causes me to stop in my tracks and just drop to my knees. I realize this makes me sound crazy, but that doesn't matter to me. In the wind, I feel God, and I know He loves me.

This morning much to my excitement I woke up to find that in the midst of a nearby hurricane we had no rain, but lots of wind. I went out to run. I ran about a mile before I just had to stop and walk, raise my hands, and enjoy His tangible touch. His love is tangible.

Our job is to make His love tangible to those who struggle to feel it, to hear it, or to see it. Are we willing to take His love to those who don't know it. Love takes action still, just as it did 2,000 years ago when it sent Jesus to the cross. It should still take action through us.

My mentor in Liberty says that every time she hears the subtle thump of her clocks she's reminded that God's heart beats for her and He loves her.

What is something tangible that reminds you that God loves  you? Is there a particular feeling, sounds, place, or moment? We are blessed to know the tangible love of God, will you share love with someone else?

Be Blessed, J. Tate