Jesus' Panic Moment

Okay we all know Jesus never had a panic moment. The truth is panic is from a root of fear and fear is in complete contradiction to faith and anything not done in faith is sin and Jesus was sinless therefore He never panicked, not one moment, not ever. Don't worry, this blog isn't about you unless you choose for it to be. Let me tell on myself so you can feel better about yourself :)

Sunday night I stayed up later than I should have responding to text messages and writing an email. This caused me to over sleep and not get up until a little after six yesterday. Literally from 6 AM until 10 PM I DID NOT STOP, ALL. DAY. LONG. I went from quiet time, to work, to errands, to meeting with a youth, to meeting with some other people, back to work, to a jog/walk with a youth, to shower, to Bible school, then finally home a few minutes after 10.

Several times throughout the day this overwhelming feeling would just begin to creep up as I was trying to work things out in my head and just thinking, "there is no way possible to get it all done".  I could not determine in my head how I'd get everything I needed done for this WHOLE WEEK. Then at Bible school I find out that I have two weeks to read an entire book, complete a workbook that a classmate said takes about 15 hours, and memorize a list of scriptures!!! So now on top of already feeling like I couldn't complete everything, more was added. THEN, THEN, on the way home, I'm exhausted, the day has been non-stop and I'm so busy "thinking" that I pass the exit I needed and it took me even longer to finally get home, which meant longer to bed, which meant HARDER to get up! Can you tell I was in a little "PANIC MODE".

Now in all reality I'm not typically someone who has these "overwhelmed" moments, but my emotions have been a little on edge lately and as I missed my exit I finally got the bright idea to....... PRAY.

The Holy Spirit reminded me of two things the first being (if you've read my blogs lately you should be able to guess) John 14. "Jessika, do not let your heart be troubled" then second being Mark 4. Jesus was asleep on the boat as the storm raged outside. In the midst of chaos Jesus rested, even as He addressed the raging storm He remained calm.

Oh how I desire to be like my Jesus. If Jesus never panicked than we with the help of the Holy Spirit have the ability to not panic. If Jesus instructed "Let not your heart be troubled" it means that I can, LET NOT MY HEART BE TROUBLED. (have you ever thought about the fact that He was talking to people who didn't have the Holy Spirit yet? Imagine how much more with the help of the Holy Spirit we should be able to "let not our hearts be troubled)

I don't know your situation. I know in perspective, mine is nothing compared to what many of you are facing, but I know that no matter the situation, great or small, we have a choice to either live in fear or in faith. We can panic or we can remain calm. We can stand up and speak to the storm like Jesus did or like the disciples we can have a panic attack and think that we're about to die (really, they asked Jesus if He was going to let them perish).

I choose faith today. I missed it yesterday, but I'll get it today. I choose to rely on the Holy Spirit. I choose to let not my heart be troubled. Thank You Jesus, for setting an example for us. The Word says that our steps are ordered by Him, it says that He is faithful even when I am faithless, It says that He won't leave us or forsake us, it says that He has called us friends, it says that we are His children, therefore of what shall we be afraid? Don't let panic, anxiety, worry, or fear consume you today.

Be Blessed, J. Tate