Let Me Be

First let me start with saying I was truly blessed by the emails, facebook messages, and comments I received after the last blog. Like anyone I love to hear when God uses something I say to touch your life! Right now I am sitting in Starbucks in Lafayette, Louisiana drinking a skinny vanilla latte with a friend I've had since I was 15 years old and one of my precious youth. As they read and drink their coffee I am supposed to be working on my Bible school homework, but am instead lost in thought about a question the Lord asked me.

I don't think it was long ago that I wrote a post where it discussed the conversation with Jesus and Peter in Mark 8. The question I discussed was when Jesus asked Peter "Who do you say I am". Oh, I've pondered that question often in my life. Who do I say He is? Is He who He says He is? Often the adjectives and nouns I use to answer will change depending on the circumstances in my life. Sometimes in moments of confusion I first think, He is my peace, in times when I feel like a failure I think, He is my Redeemer, in times of great success and joy, I think He is my friend, my strength etc.

Today I was given a new perspective.

The Lord asked, "Jessika, who do you let Me be?"

Wow. The answers in our life go beyond just who we say He is and they go even deeper, who do we let Him be. I've said over and over again about my great passion that we are transformed from slaves to children when we accept Christ, but do we let Him be Daddy? We just like the prodigal son can be a child and choose to live like a slave. We are redeemed when we ask forgiveness, but does that mean we see, think, and live like a redeemed person? The Bible says Jesus became a curse for us so that we no longer have to be cursed, but does that mean you choose to live in the blessing rather than the curse?

We may call Jesus Lord, but do we let Him be Lord? You may call Him a friend, but do you let Him be friend? We say the Holy Spirit is counselor, comforter, guide, peace, etc. but do you let Him be those things?

I have been challenged to take my self examination deeper today as I choose not to just say "Jessika who do you say He is, but Jessika who do you let Him be?"

As I've pondered, journaled, and prayed, I heard the still small voice say, "I want to be to you, so much more than you let Me be".

Thoughts for today. Time for homework.

Be Blessed, J. Tate