It's Beautiful

Our church also runs a Christian private school. I was in the four year old class this morning and the kids were coloring. As each kid finished they would raise their hand so excited, "Ms. Tate look, look, mine is beautiful". Each one repeated this until one little girl exclaimed, "Look ALL of ours are so beautiful". I immediately thought of an illustration Pastor Steven used this Sunday morning. A man in our church just bought a brand new expensive truck. Pastor steven had a big piece of metal and said, what happens if I went over to his house and walked to his truck and put a big dent in the side of it? Then I walked to the other side and put another dent in it. Then I'll hit the windows, and the lights. The value of the truck would go down with every impact. He then explained this is the way people think about ourselves. As we make mistakes, go through trials, get attacked by the enemy, we begin to believe that our value goes down with every impact. He said it's no wonder that so many people believe they are so unworthy of the love of God, the presence of God, the redemption of God, the joy, peace, etc. We've been taught that once something is devalued it can't regain it.

I was looking at these four year old color papers and yea, they were hideous. They were coloring cats purple, green, blue, or in some cases all different colors. The color lines weren't just in the cats, but all over the whole paper, I mean they were ugly. Yet, these children believed they were beautiful. Why? Because they had made them, and no matter how ugly it was, it was theirs.

The love of God amazes me. The blood of Jesus amazes me. He can look at me and my sin, my mistakes, how I've failed, how I've struggled, like the prodigal son sleeping in the mud, and yet He says, You're beautiful. Love truly does cover a multitude of sins. I will never do anything to make myself "worthy" of the love and forgiveness of God, but yet not one time in the Bible does He ever say I am unworthy. The truth is He sent His son to die for me and His love is unconditional, simply because I'm His.

In case no one has told you lately. You're beautiful. God thought sending His only begotten Son to the cross to die was worth it, just so that you could be His son or daughter. You're His.

Be Blessed, J. Tate