Over and Over again...

Remember how I just wrote about community? God is always so faithful to confirm things that I write in this blog! Perhaps that's why I love writing (LOL) because every time I seem to write something I either end up getting my own personal testimony from what I wrote or I get one from one of you! It's a constant joy to me! This afternoon my Pastor and his wife came over and we began to talk, then a few others joined in as well. For about two hours we just talked about the Word and things of God. One topic in particular really began to resonate in me. I mentioned earlier today how Pastor Steve had said, "There are things your Spirit wants to pour over into your soul". Pastor Steve's wife told a story from Yonggi Cho. He told someone in his congregation to take a scripture (one dealing with your situation) and write it out 50 times. When you get done thank God for it. Raise your hand and worship Him. Then write the scripture out 50x. When you get done thank God for it. Raise your hands and worship Him for it. Then write the scripture out 50 MORE TIMES... oh you get the point. Yonggi Cho said you have to get the revelation of the scripture in your soul and spirit. You have to BELIEVE and KNOW that the scripture is true. You write, read it, worship Him for it's truth, over and over and over again.

When she told the story something just clicked in me and I got very passionate (that's not hard to do) as I just EXCLAIMED BUT HOW MANY OF US TAKE THE TIME TO DO THAT?!? How many of us will sit down and meditate on, write out, declare, worship, meditate, write out, declare, worship, over and over and over until we get it? Instead we take the scripture once or twice a day and say "Oh I'm standing on it, I'm declaring it, I believe it's true". Are you really? Have you truly got it, rooted and grounded, in yourself? Spirit, soul, and body? How desperate are you to have what the Word says for your life?

Remember when I took that class last spring and the prof said, pick a scripture and quote it 2,000x a day. I picked Proverbs 3:5,6. I wrote a blog way back then when the scripture finally "HIT ME". I had already been quoting it over and over and over, but it took over a week before that scripture finally became a reality to me. When I could finally say, Lord I TRUST IN YOU WITH ALL MY HEART (I really mean it!), I WILL NOT LEAN ON MY OWN UNDERSTANDING, IN ALL MY WAYS I WILL ACKNOWLEDGE YOU AND I KNOW THAT YOU WILL MAKE MY PATH STRAIGHT! Because YOU ARE FAITHFUL, YOU ARE TRUE TO YOUR WORD!  I was reminded of this as we talked yesterday.

Leaning on the Word and the Holy Spirit must be a priority for us! We must do whatever means necessary to get the Word deep down in our heart! Do you need to write it over and over, pray it over and over, quote it to yourself, put it to song (oh yes I do this), post it on your mirrors, put it on the dashboard of your car (last week I did this and it has been awesome to have scripture right there in my car to read to myself every time I get in, every time I get out ) laminate it and post it in the shower, put it next to the light switch, on your refrigerator, have the Word everywhere readily available for you to "meditate on it day and night". Do something extreme like write it and speak it 200x a day, then watch as God begins to transform you and your circumstances.

Be Blessed, J. Tate