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Church today was one of those services you don't forget. Not only did I get 4 pages of notes from Pastor's 30 minutes of talking, we then had 40 minutes of alter time, where more than half the church came forward and God moved on and touched them, including several of my youth. I love when the presence of God is so tangible and so real it moves people out of their comfort zones and changes them. Then I was even more encouraged when I texted one person to tell them how awesome service was and they said God really moved in their service too. Then, someone I hadn't contacted got in touch with me to tell me how awesome their service was.... then another.... That's right I know for sure of 4 churches this morning where God REALLY MOVED. I don't know about yal' but that pumps me up! I love to hear about how God is moving and changing lives. That's why I get so excited when those of you who read this blog, or my friends, or people from other churches and ministries contact me and we get to talk about what God is doing! We are the body, TOGETHER, not as individual churches, but TOGETHER and God is moving and working PRAISE GOD! (okay that has nothing to do with the blog I was just really excited) God has been talking to me about fighting from victory rather than fighting for it. This morning Pastor said "you have a nose on your face, but it doesn't mean you always feel its presence".... Likewise as a Christian we are always in victory, but it doesn't mean you always feel like it.

As I got up this morning to exhort the church I was telling them how God had been teaching me what fighting from victory looks like compared to fighting for it. Think about the team that won the superbowl (I'm ashamed to say I don't even have a clue who that is) That team is confident that they are victorious, they are the winners. If someone started talking smack to them about how they were better, they're losers, etc. all that team would have to do is pull their hand out of their pocket and show them the super bowl ring. That ring represents VICTORY! The same goes for an Olympian that has a gold medal, that gold medal will shut the mouth of anyone who tries to say that you're a loser.

As a Christian many things cause us to "feel" like we're not in victory. Trials of life, lies from the enemy, our own guilt and condemnation, etc. there are plenty of things trying to tell you that you're not victorious, but all we have to do is pull out the Word and declare what the Bible says, to shut up our own emotions, to shut up the enemy, all we have to do is claim the BLOOD OF JESUS and what Christ has done that makes us "more than a conqueror through Him". The Word says, "we overcome by the BLOOD OF THE LAMB and the Word of our testimony". It's time to start claiming the Blood, claiming the Word,  declaring your testimony. Through what Christ has done for us, you are victorious.

Here's the question we have to ask ourselves, do I act like someone who is winning? Do I talk like someone who is winning? Pastor Steve also said this morning, "There are things your Spirit wants to pour over into your soul". You soul is your MIND, your WILL, and your EMOTIONS. There are things that the Holy Spirit has, truths the Holy Spirit knows, plans the Holy Spirit wants to reveal, and He wants them to pour over into your mind, your will, and your emotions. One of those things is that you are in victory, not trying to get to it. I loved Pastor's statement and I'm reflecting on it much this afternoon. What things has the Holy Spirit tried to pour over into my soul and I have hindered Him by not listening or not controlling my own thoughts and emotions?

Praise God, He is faithful, He is patient, His love endures forever. Be Blessed, J. Tate