My Blessed Mouth

"Out of the mouth come blessing and cursing, my brothers that should not be" (James 3:10) My oh so gentle, loving, and demanding mentor and Pastor's wife from Liberty has constantly been reminding me to watch my mouth for at least the last 2 years and even more so the last year.

Last night I was lying in bed and praying. I was praying about many relationships I have with people. Relationships with friends, family, co workers, youth, bosses, mentors, spiritual children, etc. I literally asked the Lord, God how do I keep from causing problems in these relationships, how do I keep from causing them hurt or pain, what  can I do to just be a better friend, family member, youth pastor, mentor, etc??? Oh I shouldn't have asked. I knew in my Spirit immediately.... "WATCH YOUR MOUTH". Am I speaking blessing into their lives? over their lives? for their lives? Does my mouth line up with the Word? Am I double minded- do I confuse them by speaking one thing and meaning another? or speaking one thing and saying something completely different a little later?

Our words have power over our lives and the lives of others. The Holy Spirit knows what other people can handle hearing, He also know what they need to hear to be encouraged, what they need to hear to be loved, etc. Your mouth has the power to inspire people or discourage them, to make them feel happy or make them feel sad, it has the power to build them up or tear them down, your words can make them feel hopeful or doubtful. What are you using your mouth for? To make yourself for better or to make them feel better.

This morning a strong conviction hit as I was considering this. My nature is not incredibly selfish with my actions, oh but I am so selfish with my words. I express the things I feel or think that will make me feel better without concern of others. If I am to be crucified with Christ, give my life away, become a servant of all, we need to be selfless in WORD AND DEED. We need to put others before ourself.

Okay Jessika, how do we do it? I have determined to make more of my speech be directly from the Word of God. I am making it a determination to speak Scripture over and over and over again. Not just declaration for myself, but as I talk to others and encourage others, I will speak THE WORD of life over them and for them. Second is to LISTEN to the Holy Spirit and THINK about what you say before you say it. Is what I'm about to say edifying? What effects will these words have, blessing or cursing, life or death? Does what I say line up with the Word? If it doesn't, don't say it!! If it's questionable, DON'T SAY IT.... If i'm not sure, hold off, the Word says to be slow to speak and quick to listen. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide your words in conversations, it's okay to pause and ask Him if it's okay to say something.

I want a mouth that is used to bless generations. I want to bless those around me. I want to speak blessing over my relationships. I want to bless and not curse those I love and care about. I want to encourage and not discourage. It's time to allow the Word to speak for us.

I have no doubt that if my mentor is reading this she is probably shouting and dancing. We have people in our lives who have spoke blessings over us and it is important for us to turn and bless others.

Be Blessed, J. Tate