When They Don't Got It

Some years ago I became very convicted about the media in my life.I was so convicted that I immediately went and took several of  my movies and put them in the trash can. I got on my computer and got rid of tons of music. I decided I wasn't going to watch a good bulk of the tv and things I usually watched. Philippians 4:8 (whatever is true, right, pure.... think on these things) so grabbed me that it radically changed my lifestyle. I was going to purge of all entertainment that wasn't right or pure.

Don't stop reading. I'm not trying to change what you watch or listen to. You have to understand my personality with these things. When I get a hold of something, a new revelation for me, a conviction, I take it and I run with it. I get passionate and I want anyone and everyone to jump on board. So here I was super excited, super passionate, and ready for me and all those around me to change.

It was just a couple of days later when a close friend called and we were talking when she said, well I gotta go some friends and I are going to see a movie... I'm sure you can imagine me... Me: Oh what movie Friend: Insert seemingly harmless PG movie Me: Oh NO!! You can't go see that. I already looked at the review. It has this curse word and this curse word, and you can't go see that, THAT IS SIN!!! Friend: Well, we already bought the tickets and... I'm not sure. I mean what do you want me to do. We're leaving. We already bought the tickets. Me: THROW THEM AWAY! YOU CAN'T GO SEE THAT... (Insert the 20 verses I'm sure I began quoting)

Heap on some more condemnation and you can imagine how well that conversation went!!! Now I'm not saying that my stance on the movie was wrong or right, but how I handled the situation was HORRIBLE.

We all know that there will often be times when God is convicting us for something that He's not convicting those around us for. There will be times when God is molding and working in us on a specific area, but God is working on something completely different in the person next to us. There will be times that you try to encourage someone in an area you're growing in and they completely reject you!! Simply said there will be times when they don't got it. Ya know what? There will be times when we don't got it too.

I remember my youth pastor in high school saying sanctification isn't like climbing stairs, it's like a revolving circle. Yes as we grow as a Christian we should begin to look more and more like Christ, but the truth is you're not fighting to climb up the stairs. That person next to you isn't lower on the stair case simply because God isn't moving in them the same way He's moving on you. That doesn't mean you won't be tempted in your flesh to grab them, yank them, shake them, nag them, until they get it, but in reality that's not how you would want to be treated in the same situation.

In those moments when those around you "don't got it", you love them. Go ahead and share your revelation, passion, or conviction with them, but then let them and the Holy Spirit decide what to do with it. It's a losing battle to try and DRAG (notice I didn't say encourage) someone along with you in YOUR growth. It doesn't mean we don't share, it doesn't mean we stop ministering, it doesn't mean we stop exhorting, it certainly doesn't mean we stop praying. It just means that we do all of those things out of LOVE not out of judgement, pride, or condemnation.

I'm not sure whyI felt led to write this blog today. Maybe one of you is frustrated with someone around you that you care about! Maybe you're just ready to throw in the towel on them. Don't give up, trust the Holy Spirit to do His work. We can't clean people, We can't change people, all we can do is live a lifestyle like Christ in front of them.

Be Blessed, J. Tate