It Has To Be Love

My professor told a story tonight that I had heard a few years ago.Smith Wigglesworth's wife was saved before he was. She would go to church and of course he would never attend and would often be very rude to her because of it. One evening she went for a church service and when she came home he had locked her out of the house, yes on purpose. Instead of getting mad, banging on the door, throwing rocks at the windows, Mrs. Wigglesworth laid down on the porch and went to sleep. Every morning Smith would go outside to retrieve the newspaper before breakfast. As he opened the door to go outside there his wife stood, paper in hand, and she said, "Good morning Smith, here's your paper, how did you sleep? and what would you like me to cook you for breakfast".

Mrs. Wigglesworth showed unconditional love. As most of you know her husband went on to get saved and become one of the great evangelist with a remarkable healing ministry world wide.

How many times do we just want to put people in their place? How many times do we want to share our side of the story? How many times do we want to avenge ourselves, get revenge, or simply just let people know how we feel?

The Bible says they will know us by our love, it says that love is patient, kind, LONG suffering, it says that without love we having nothing, it even says that GOD IS LOVE... Therefore if God is love, then when we choose not to love, we display satan rather than God.

Love is a powerful thing. God has been teaching me for a while now (you've been reading me "say" it) how to LOVE DEEPLY. Loving deeply and learning to be loved deeply will set you FREE. It will show you more of the Father's heart because not only does He LOVE DEEPLY, but He is DEEP, PURE, REAL, LOVE.

If we want to see God move in our lives, in the lives of those around us, in our churches, in our schools, it will be done by love. Love will be the motivation for the gifts to be manifested. Love will be the motivation for repentance and holiness. Love will be the motivation for compassion. Love will be the motivation for witnessing. Love will be the motivation for forgiveness. Love will motivate a change in people.

It was love that sent God to earth in human form, it was love that poured my guilt and shame on an innocent man, it was love that caused the Son of God to lay down His life, it was love that resurrected Him from the dead, it was love that released the Holy Spirit into you, it is love that caused you to love Him back. All was done for us because of His love for us, now in return our love for Him should cause us to do things for Him.

Real love, it's always been the most powerful force in the universe... because GOD. IS. LOVE.

Be Blessed, J. Tate