Moved to Compassion

This morning I spoke with a young lady because she wanted some advice. Let me give one short speel... I'm sure you've seen by now that I love to meet with people one on one. I don't care if they're 10 or 95 it is important for me to have one on one time with people to pour into them or to be poured into. You can touch a heart more in one meeting for an hour than in 1,000 messages preached behind a pulpit. I'm telling those of you in any form of ministry or just as someone God is calling you to pour deeply into another life, take time to spend one on one with people. Don't wait for them to be in a rough situation and come to you for help, take them and pour into them on your own time, go on a walk, take them to the grocery store with you, invite them to dinner, show them that they're wanted, not just them as a ministry purpose, but you actually want relationship with them. It's too easy to have a lot of little ministry projects walking around and no relationships. People change through relationship. Each and every person young and old wants to know they're wanted, as people in ministry, we need to want and love people not because they're "ministry" but because they're people. When you move to that, you'll see God do amazing things... Okay I'm done for now :)

As I spoke to this young lady this morning I was taken aback, about what she wanted to discuss. She said that she was so moved to compassion that it hurt and she wasn't sure what to do about that. I spent a couple of minutes responding and told her I'd meet with her later to discuss it more.

I left for my run not thinking much about it and then a song came on that I've grown so fond of, "Standing", by William Mcdowell. The lyric was "We're going to see what we're praying for" and the Holy Spirit said, you just saw what you were praying for.

I have prayed that the Holy Spirit would begin to cultivate the fruits in these youth. I've prayed that they would be overcome with love for God and for others. I just thought THANK YOU GOD, you're answering my prayers, and then He spoke again.... (Why does He ALWAYS do that?!?) He said, "When was the last time you were moved to as much compassion as she is?"

Ouch. I know exactly when it was. It was right after I came home from S. Sudan and Uganda. God moved and changed me in S. Sudan. I'm still reminded daily of life there and how God taught me while there. Many times pictures of what I saw still pop up in my mind, that trip had a lasting impact on me in many ways, but obviously not so lasting enough in others.

This morning this young lady reminded me of Jesus. The gospels say frequently "He was moved to compassion" and it always led to a miracle. He was moved to compassion then fed thousands, moved to compassion and healed the sick, moved to compassion and casted out demons, moved to compassion and raised the dead. GOD BREAK MY HEART FOR WHAT BREAKS YOURS....

I am so convicted and yet so excited to see what God is doing. He's moving in Ville Platte faster than I could have imagined and on more levels that I can see with my own eyes. He's moving in the church, in the youth, and He's doing something inside of me too.

When was the last time you were so deeply moved to compassion? Having compassion opens a door for God to work through us. Move us Lord.

Be Blessed, J. Tate