A New Time

I've started a new series with the youth that is titled, "What's Not Optional". We're discussing things that are not and/or should not be optional as a Christian. We're going through things like the truth of the gospel, receiving the Holy Spirit, quitting, worship, etc. (To read a blog on what inspired the "Not Optional" series, check out this old blog of mine) As I stated in the blog a few days ago, birthdays bring reflection. As I prayed and reflected God spoke to me about a couple of promises and dreams that God has given me for my life. He said, If you want to see ____________ happen then there are some things that were optional from 1-25 that CAN NOT be optional for 25-50.

This conversation with Him is still ringing in my ears days after it occurred. Every morning I'm thinking about how to implement the things He said that are NOT OPTIONAL into my life. I'm also asking the question, "What are some things that are in my life that are NOT optional to get OUT of my life".

I know this already isn't a normal blog post, because I'm rambling, but let me explain. One of the things on the list that He said is NOT OPTIONAL is vulnerability. He told me that last Sunday and yesterday I read a post on facebook that was BEYOND VULNERABLE from someone. She was open, honest, real, spoke truth, and even discussed the need for openness in Godly community. I watched the post throughout the day to see how people reacted. Over 50 people reacted saying they needed that encouragement, they needed to hear those words, etc. You're asking what in the world am I talking about? Starting a blog was a huge stretch for me. It took a lot of talking into to ever start one. I love to write, don't get me wrong, but I struggled with putting my thoughts out there for people to see. Once I started I stuck mainly to just Biblical thoughts, which soon grew to discussing Biblical thoughts applied to my life, which then grew to areas God was correcting me, and to now where we are today...

Over the next few days I am going to be posting about some of the things that God is saying are NOT OPTIONAL for the next 25 years. I'm going to share with you my struggle in those areas, my desire for change, and what God is saying about those areas. I've spent the last few days praying about this and really got the confirmation to do it yesterday. This is a little more "vulnerable" than I'm comfortable with seeing that many of my closest friends read this blog, but also many distant strangers that I've never met. Some read this blog are pastors, mentors, evangelists that I highly respect, some are people i know who will admit they aren't even a Christian. All of us are in different places, times, and phases of our lives, but I'm so thankful God meets us where we are.

This is a New Time for me, in reality it has been a "new time" as I've watched my world completely change and shift  over the last 4 months. He has been changing old thought patterns and mindsets, reshaping passions and desires, giving visions and dreams I've never had. The potential is so high that I can feel it, expectation is arising, God is working, and all I know is I want to work with Him, move with Him, and be willing and obedient to do my part.

I think perhaps you'll witness the change through my writing. My prayer is that over these next few days, you'll see some vulnerability, but you'll also be encouraged to make some things "not optional" for yourself as well.

Be Blessed, J. Tate