We're going to take a break from my "not optionals" for tonight, I plan on picking back up at humility tomorrow. There's one thing I have grown to love about every Sunday morning here... you never know what service will be like. I literally go to a church that is the definition of "Spirit led".

Today two things from service really hit me. One is our Pastor's wife who said to think about the word magnify. She said we sing all the time "Lord we magnify you"... but do we actually magnify Him? What does it mean to magnify Him? To use a magnifying glass is to make something bigger. If I say I magnify You Lord it means that I make Him bigger. I give Him more of a priority in my life, I look at Him more than I look at my circumstances, emotions, or experiences.

I'm not sure why, but that statement hit me hard today. Do I magnify Him? Is He the biggest priority in my life? Is He my main focus? Is He the One I aim to please? Am I more concerned about Him than I am myself and others. It's like Mike Bickle says, we often get the two commandments mixed up. We put loving our neighbor as ourself above loving God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. He must be magnified in our lives.

The next thing that hit me today was something my Pastor said. He said that as he was praying before service God said to him, How would you as a dad feel if your kids were always talking about another dad down the street and how awesome they were? How would you feel if they always wanted to talk about what was going on in someone else's house? How would you feel if they never affirmed you for all you had done, but rather praised everyone else? Pastor said that's what we often do to God. We'll talk about and praise so many other things. We'll give our attention, focus, and affirmation to things of this world, but we don't take time to just tell Him how good He is.

To me that statement went right along with magnifying Him. I'm trying to make it more of a point to spend a significant amount of time each day just telling God how good He is. Giving Him words of affirmation, love, praise, honor, because He just deserves it. He deserves it when I feel like it and when I don't, He deserves it when things are going right or they're going wrong, He deserves it when I succeed and when I fail, He ALWAYS deserves it.

Magnify God today. Make Him big compared to everything else in your life. Not only does He deserve it, but it'll help you.

Be Blessed, J. Tate