Be Still

We're still slowly but surely working our way through some things that God told me were "not optional" as I started off this new year. Another thing on the list is to add, DAILY, times to "be still". We all know the scripture, "Be still and know I am God" Ps. 46:10. As God put this on my heart to do, I had to reflect on how much time I spend being still. In college I did an internship with the Lubbock International House of Prayer where I really learned about "soaking" or "being still", basically just times of sitting and being still, waiting on the Lord. I became passionate about those times. I would tell everyone my favorite verse, "One thing I desire and that will I seek, that I may dwell in the courts of the Lord forevermore to behold His beauty" (Ps. 27:4)

Ya know as life gets busy, work becomes a major priority, responsibility grows, and time becomes a very very precious commodity.  It feels like the last two years I was severely stretching myself already waking up between 4-5 to read the Word, worship, pray, run, prepare for the day and get to work on time. I can confess and admit that I didn't spend a lot of time to just be still in His presence and the time I did spend "still" wasn't really spent so much in His presence as it was spent on me sitting and reflecting on life.

Words won't really do justice to what these last two weeks have done having significant time in His presence. Now before I even start to go into that, let me explain something, I KNOW that we don't all have the type of schedule I have right now. I definitely remember what it was like to not have the time I have now. A year ago if someone would have talked about spending time in God's presence for an hour on top of time in the Word, worship, and prayer, I would have handed them my lovely color coded scheduled and asked them  politely to find me a spare 15 minutes!!! :)

However, I am privileged to have time enough right now that on top of my regular time of study, worship, prayer, I am able to add an hour or so a day of time where I go into the sanctuary of the church and I just seek Him. I'm not asking for anything from Him, I'm not interceding, I may worship a little, I may pray a little, I may have some music on for a few minutes, but the majority of the time I just sit still and quiet and I ponder Him and His awesomeness. I don't think about my life or circumstances, I don't think about the next sermon I need to have ready, I don't think about issues of the church or ministry, I just think about Him. I "be still and know He is God". I allow His presence to come in and rejuvenate my mind and body. Sometimes He'll speak things to me and I have my pen and notepad ready to write down what He says, and sometimes He doesn't. Usually I just sit there and I can feel Him.

This has now become my favorite time of everyday! I look forward to it more than anything else on my agenda for the day. I crave it more than I crave my morning coffee, I desire it more than my time in the Word, I want it more than I want to see or talk to any other human, I feel more refreshed, more rejuvenated, more joy, and more at peace than I do anywhere else or at any other time. I just love this time of just me and Him.

It is teaching me what Psalms 27:4 really  means. That the one thing I desire is just to be with Him. I want His presence more than I want anything He can give, more than ay person can offer, more than my dreams, I just want to be with Him.

I know this wasn't a blog of much revelation, but rather just a simple commandment. BE STILL AND KNOW HE IS GOD. My encouragement is that no matter what your time schedule is take ten minutes a day. Just ten minutes, to sit and be still with Him. It'll feel weird at first, maybe awkward, perhaps even pointless, but you'll soon begin to see the amazing results. Time with Him, cultivates love for Him, desire for Him, it produces peace, and joy, for the Word says that IN HIS PRESENCE IS FULLNESS OF JOY. Make some extra time to just acknowledge that He is God, He is good, He is worth it all...

Be Blessed, J. Tate