Changed Mindsets and Harvest

Another thing that God says is not optional is "Changed Mindsets". Well what can I say it has been 3 of the most incredible days ever. Definitely a time of learning, stretching me, being poured into, imparted into, life changing...

We had "camp meeting" at FFC these last few days and all I can say is God confirmed, confirmed, confirmed, and confirmed some more things He had already been telling me in my own quiet time with Him. We had Pastor Jorge Maisonet on Friday night and Pastor Sergio Scagtalini on Saturday and Sunday. I was blessed not only by the services, but by time with these men of God in conversation.

I already knew that God had said I had some mindsets that needed to be changed and I have been asking the Holy Spirit to reveal those mindsets to me and help me change them. I feel as though daily in times of prayer He has been faithful to show me more and more and the more He rewrites my mindsets the more joy I feel, the more peace I feel, the more secure I feel, the more bold I feel. As if you haven't already noticed I am running on supercharged batteries this last month and I truly believe those batteries never have to run out for the strength is not in me, but in He who lives in me.

Many times we have false mindsets and not only do we not know we have them, but we have no clue how they are affecting us. The enemy will try to attack your mind and flood  your thinking with lies. When we accept those lies as truths we develop false mindsets. False mindsets can keep you from the plan of God for you life. They can keep you out of peace. They can steal your joy. Or in my case they can just make things harder than they have to be.

As both of these pastors ministered this weekend I was able to write down almost 10 mindsets that I was convicted of and showed needed to be changed... No I'm not going to tell you what they were HAHA.... On top of that these men hit several things God has been talking to me about intensely over the past 2 wks, HUMILITY, HOLINESS, AND REVIVAL! I couldn't tell you how many times those words were used this weekend and what it confirmed in me is what God had already been showing me. Jessika it's time to bring in the harvest, it truly is time for revival.

So, I told my Pastor's wife yesterday as we were talking, I want to teach on evangelism and then go door to door. I don't want to stop until we can say that every single door in Ville Platte has been told about the gospel. She got so excited with me and said you know Pastor Steve will get behind this 100%! Have I mentioned that I have pretty much the best job for this season of my life, with the most supportive bosses and pastors ever?!? So, this is the next step, as Pastor Sergio said at one point this weekend "So saturate your region with the gospel that you have to expand your territory because you've already talked to every single person about Jesus". We are starting this Saturday with an outreach and ministry time where we will not only feed people naturally, but spiritually and I can't wait to see what God will do!

I am seeing changes in my mindsets. I don't want to just be a normal youth pastor. I don't want to just do church as normal. I want Holy Spirit assignments. I want the presence of God at all costs.  I truly just want to be a witness to the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I want to know Him intimately and make Him known. I want my entire life to be a living sacrifice, an act of worship, a love offering to Him. What is it God is asking you to do to further the gospel? We all have a part to play! Get into His presence and ask Him, He will answer you, He will give you the peace, joy, and grace to complete every task that He assigns you. The fields are ready for harvest, but the laborers are few.

Be Blessed, J. Tate