Outside the Walls

This morning a song came into mind that has impacted me at various moments in my life. As I began to sing, it once again was a witness to me.

"Heaven on earth, I want to see heaven on earth, somethings moving, somethings changing, see His glory, it feels like heaven on earth!!!"

I have said for a few months that something is stirring up on the inside of me. I've been studying the word potential and everywhere I turn I seem to feel it more and more. It's beginning to grow so much on the inside of me that I can't seem to take my mind off of this unshakeable feeling. I wake up thinking about it, I fall asleep thinking about it. God is moving and I can once again say, "something's moving, something changing! See His glory! It feels like heaven on earth".

Now I know from talking to a few other people not just in Louisiana, not just in Texas, but even other countries that I am not the only one who is feeling this growing potential in the atmosphere. It's a global awakening not only of the church, but for the lost. Don't tune me out just because like many other Christians, you've grown weary in hearing people talk about revival without seeing much change :) TARRY ON :)

Last night we held an outreach at the local ball park. We saw many saved, supernaturally healed, prayed for deliverance, breaking off drug addictions, casting out thoughts of suicide, and more. My youth did some amazing dramas that had several running up for prayer, they spent time in prayer to seek God for those in the crowd (what we call treasure hunting) and many were ministered to, the youth served, prayed for, and ministered to many. You can't say that something isn't moving and something isn't changing when you have young people of this generation who HEAR FROM GOD,PRAY FOR THE SICK and see them RECOVER, LEAD PEOPLE TO THE LORD... and it's happening all over the EARTH.

So what is our part to play? I am constantly feeling an urging to do more outside of the building and into the community. I want to see the church as a whole (not just my church) move outside of its walls. We have to go out into the world, out into society, and be a light. It's no longer time to sit inside the pews, receive a good message, say amen, and be spiritually fat. It's time to go out the doors and pour out the love of God onto the broken, the hurting, the godless, the addicted, the forgotten, the orphan, the widow, the hopeless. They will rarely walk through the door of a church, so we must go to them.

All of this being said God is growing inside of me ideas/visions/thoughts for many different outreaches/evangelism/and ministry that goes to the streets rather than tries to pull people into the pews. Obviously the ultimate goal is that people will get saved, healed, changed, and will join a local church, but it must start with Christians getting outside of their church building. Ask the Holy Spirit what that looks like for you, your church, your ministry. Get a plan from the Holy Spirit and instead of waiting 6 months to set up an action committee, JUST GO DO IT, go this weekend, go next weekend, do it this month... It's time for action! It's time for outreach!

Something is moving, something is changing. I feel it down into the core of my being. I'll be honest (selfish person I can be) at first I thought this feeling was all about me. It was all about what is God doing in my life, what is He changing in me, what is the potential in me, then I realized the potential in me is the same as the potential in you because my potential is the Holy Spirit. The potential in Ville Platte is as big as the potential in Liberty, as in Alexandria, as in Lafayette, as in Dayton, as in Hull-Daisetta, as in Houston, as in Kansas City, as in Redding, as in New York, as in Africa, as in Europe, as in the entire globe. The potential for man kind to be drawn into God is as big as Christians getting into faith, stepping outside of their comfort zones, and bringing the gospel to the lost.

As Jesus said, it's not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.

As soon as we return from Mexico I am excited to be implementing a new vision of mine for training/outreach. Where we will train young people how to evangelize in various ways, how to minister in different areas and arenas, and then in turn we will actually GO DO what they were trained to do. Let's raise up a generation that is as comfortable in a pew as they are speaking the gospel in the city.

Be Blessed, J. Tate