Old Town, New Season

Friends and Family, 

Most of you have already received the news of a new journey I am starting this week. With much prayer and counsel the decision has been made for me to move back to Liberty. 

God has been doing some awesome and interesting things in my life over the last few months and specifically the last two months. It is a sweet place where I see God really moving in my life and the lives of my family. There are many changes taking place that I am excited about, obviously my BROTHER BEING ENGAGED is one of them! As I see this shifting taking place, it was important to me and to my family that I be here, with them, during this special time. 

With very mixed emotions and tears, I felt the Lord instructing me to resign my position as the youth pastor at Freedom Family Church and make the move back to Liberty. I have been so blessed to work for that church, to learn from the pastors and people there, and am so blessed to have left with so much love and support. I can't express how grateful I am for the time I had in Ville Platte and I know that I made friends/family there that will continue to be apart of my life for years to come. God truly did such a work in my heart that I can't even explain in just four months. I learned so much about life, ministry, true self-sacrifice, love, intercession, and the list goes on. So my dear Ville Plattians reading this... thank you. Thank you for accepting me in as family, thank you for letting me be apart of your lives, thank you for loving me unconditionally, and thank you for letting me extend my vision without limitations, you truly let me believe that nothing was impossible. Ya'll are incredible. 

So... Jessika What's next? That's always a great question isn't it? For now I'll be in Liberty with my family, at least until my brother's wedding, and that's as far as I've gotten. When I was 16 years old I began to tell the Lord I'd go anywhere and I'd do anything that He wanted me to do! Since that time I've jumped around Texas, Louisiana, and several countries around the world. Sometimes that takes me to places WAY out of my comfort zone (South Sudan LOL), but He has always proven faithful and will continue to do so. Following the Lord and where He takes us is never boring! So I truly believe anywhere in the world is an option and I'm not putting any limitations on what He wants to do next. I may be in Liberty for the next 20 years, maybe back in Louisiana, maybe in Africa, Asia, etc.  I just want to be where He wants me.

All I know is that I trust Him and His plans for my life. I will miss many things and many people  from Ville Platte and of course my amazing job, but I am also very excited for what God is doing and will be doing in these next coming months in me, in my family, in Cornerstone, in Liberty, and what I believe He is doing around the globe. 

I'm so grateful for all of you who are always showing  your continual support for me. I'm so thankful for the mentors who have helped me in this decision including my pastors in Ville Platte and Liberty. I know why God created us to live in community with other believers and I am so thankful for ya'll. 

As I jump into this new season it's time that I truly seek the Lord on what my part is to play here in Liberty. As a youth pastor it wasn't too difficult to know what my priorities were and as I shift into a new place I want to make sure that I am focused and have vision for life and ministry here also. That being said I'm going to be taking some time away from some of the normal day to day distractions including facebook and twitter among other things. I will continue to write in my blog, which posts automatically into Facebook, but I wanted to let those of you that send me messages on facebook regarding the blog know that I won't be getting those. Feel free to comment directly on the blog, email, or even text. 

Once again thank you to all of you friends, family, and community for your support and prayers. 

Be Blessed, 
J. Tate