Don't Waste the Anointing

Right before I left Ville Platte my roomie and I were having a conversation one morning about the anointing. She told me that one of her pastors, years before had said, "NEVER, do anything, ANYTHING, that will cost you the anointing". That led us into a conversation about how we compromise the anointing for, umm, let me blunt, DUMB THINGS. We're willing to block up the flow of the Holy Spirit through us, so that we can get our own way, tell someone what we really think, lie to save face, avenge ourselves, maybe protect ourselves, maintain control of our lives, not be "run over", for selfish motives, for keeping our comfort zone, etc. I could go on and on and on with a list of dumb reasons we waste the anointing on our life and can admit I've been guilty of most.

"There is treasure to be desired and oil in the dwelling of the wise, but the fool wastes it" (Proverbs 21:20)

The Bible often refers to "treasure" as the anointing of the Holy Spirit and obviously "oil" is used as a symbol for the Holy Spirit MANY times. In other words this verse is saying if you waste the anointing of the Holy Spirit, you are a fool.... OUCH.

It became a familiar term for my roommate and I to say to each other, "it's not worth losing the anointing over". Why? We were trying to learn to guard the precious treasure of the flow of the Holy Spirit in our life.

This morning I began to think about this lesson again. God desires to be one with us, Jesus made that very clear in John 15 and 17, that is why He sent the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit comes in to seal us for God, but there's so much more He wants to do. He wants to cultivate love for God (Romans 5:5), convict us of our sin (John 16:8), and wants us to YIELD TO HIM, so that God can lead us and we can WALK in the Spirit.  There is a long detailed explanation of this, but i'll sum it up shortly, the love of God will cause you to obey Him, obeying Him will enable Him to work in you and through you, Him working through you is when  you walk in the Spirit, when we walk in the Spirit the power and love of God will be displayed THROUGH US in the earth. The anointing of the Holy Spirit enables mere humans to do God work.

Any disconnection in any of those will waste the anointing. If you don't love God, if you won't obey God, if you won't yield to Him, if you won't Walk in the Spirit, then you will waste the anointing and the Bible says we are a fool.

"We possess this TREASURE in earthen VESSELS, that the exceeding greatness and POWER may be PROVEN TO BE BY GOD"

I encourage you today as her pastor once encouraged her, don't do anything that will cost you the anointing on your life. As David cried out in Psalms 51 "DO NOT TAKE YOUR HOLY SPIRIT AWAY FROM ME". David knew that without the Holy Spirit's leading in his life, there was no hope. We without the leading, guidance, anointing, power of the Holy Spirit do not have the capacity to love God, to stop sinning, and surely not to do the works of our Father in this earth.

Is having our way really worth the anointing? Is proving a point worth it? How about staying in your comfort zone? How about keeping control of your life and its affairs? This morning as I reflected on this lesson, I realized once again, there is absolutely NOTHING of this world that is worth losing the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Be Blessed, J. Tate