In Faithful Pursuit

This morning I've been singing along to Kim Walker's new album "Alive". If you haven't heard it yet, GET IT. As I'm singing along I thought about this blog and its title, "In Faithful Pursuit". The Holy Spirit whispered another one of His famous questions that often lead to deep thought and conviction. "What are you pursuing Jessika?".

I remember when I first prayed about what to name this blog. The title "In Faithful Pursuit" and the tagline "In pursuit of who He is, who He says I am, what He did, and what He says I can do".

IN PURSUIT OF WHO HE IS... There's so much more to God than what we can even fathom. His depth, wisdom, knowledge, love, mercy, grace, light, understanding, beauty, character, is far beyond what my natural mind can grasp. Knowing God is a pursuit that can go on everyday for all of this life and  last until I see Him face to face. The question really isn't about if He is worth pursuing, the question is will I/you pursue? How much do you want to know who He is? I'm reminded of the first few weeks/months of a romantic relationship. During that time there's so much time spent together, so much time talking and asking questions, you want to KNOW the other person, desire fuels pursuit. How much do we desire to know Him? Hebrews says He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

IN PURSUIT OF WHO HE SAYS I AM... A large problem in this generation is identity crises. I find that we (yes WE) have no problem accepting who society says we are (mother, daughter, teacher, etc.), yet we battle tooth and nail against who God says we are. Do we actively pursue being who He says we are? Am I even willing to accept who He says I am. He says I am redeemed, fearfully and wonderfully made, He says I'm seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus, He says I am more than a conqueror, He says greater is He that is in me than He that is in the world. I find many people aren't willing to accept how AWESOME God says they are once they are IN CHRIST. Some sense of false humility causes them to struggle to believe that Jesus paid for them to be STRONG, In Christ. Okay how about the other side? Sure we see that too. The Bible says we are to be a servant of all, do not demand your own rights, you are to be crucified so that He can live through you, presenting your body as a living sacrifice. Do we pursue after who He says we are in Him?

IN PURSUIT OF WHAT HE DID... JESUS paid the highest price. A church that forgets the humility and obedience of the cross, the power and victory of the resurrection, and the love that drove it all, that is a church that has lost sight of EVERYTHING. The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ is why we live, it's why we love, it's why we do what we do. We must forever be in pursuit of what He did. His love, humility, obedience, sacrifice, joy, etc. Never forsake the life and love of Jesus Christ.

IN PURSUIT OF WHAT HE SAYS I CAN DO... Without pursuing what He did, pursuing what I can do is useless. The blood of Jesus that sent the Holy Spirit into our lives is the power to be able to DO... The Holy spirit is the very living Spirit of Jesus Christ dwelling on the inside of the Believer. As I've studied the Word it is remarkable what the Bible says we are able to do IN CHRIST. The Holy Spirit empowers you to do the works that Jesus did (and greater works according to scripture). This goes from the supernatural power of 1 Cor. 13 love all the way to the 1 Cor. 12 supernatural gifts of prophesy, healing, etc. The Bible says that with the Holy Spirit YOU can do these things. Are we pursuing what He says we can do? Jesus paid for US to not only get to heaven, but to have the Holy Spirit so that we could CONTINUE HIS WORK ON THE EARTH. Are  you pursuing it?

This morning I'm reflecting on my pursuits. I'll admit life has been jumbled the last few weeks, trying to get my bearings, and adjust to a new lifestyle again. It's time to refocus my pursuits.

Be Blessed, J. Tate