If you've kept up with my blog or kept in touch with me you've heard my constant cry for months that there is a shifting taking place. I don't believe in any way that this is just a shifting in my life, but I believe God is shifting things in a major way throughout the body of Christ. I'm sitting here in San Antonio, Texas for a conference that I have been looking forward to since September. Once again, last night in worship as I was singing to the Lord I heard Him whisper a phrase that has become very familiar to me in the last few months.

"Are you really willing to do anything to see My plans come to pass?"

As you all know the week of my birthday this year God gave me ten things that would not be optional for this coming year. One of those things was getting out of my "comfort zone". I've realized in these few short months since October that in reality I didn't have a clue what that meant. When God said He wants you out of your comfort zone, it is far beyond what we can fathom with our own mind. I didn't realize how big of a comfort zone I had until He began asking me to do things that tore down those walls.

As God continues to ask if I'm willing to do anything.... I realize, He means... am I willing to do ANYTHING? The anything means things that don't always makes sense, it means things that seem crazy, it means things that are sometimes uncomfortable, it means things that take faith and trust. Will I/we do anything to see His plans come to pass?

There is a shifting taking place globally. God is calling His Beloved bride to step out into new levels of faith. He is asking us to truly "count all things as loss". He's asking if we're willing to go through some temporary discomfort so that His plans will come to pass for this year.

His plan will go forth. The question is not whether or not His will be done, the question is will YOU or I be apart of it. As you feel this shifting taking place in your life, know that you are not alone. As this shift takes place know that your obedience will result in your breakthrough. The prayers and dreams that have felt unanswered are being accomplished during this time and all He needs is your willingness to obey. He will ask you to do some things that don't make sense, He will ask you to lay down your dignity and pride, the comfort zone will be done with, but the rewards and results are going to be worth it.

Be Blessed, J. Tate