Bone Penetrating Wind

Last night I was coaching a softball game in the midst of COLD wind. 

The weather itself wasn't freezing, but when that wind began to blow it felt as though it penetrated every layer of clothing and went straight to my bones. It affected every fiber of my being... and the Holy Spirit spoke. 

Remember in the Bible the Spirit is often compared to wind. The Holy Spirit also penetrates the very core of man all the way through our layers or walls and goes straight to the heart of man. 

The only way to not be affected by the wind last night was to go hide. If you left yourself out then you were about to know what wind felt like. 

The Holy Spirit wants to penetrate you to your very core, but you can stop the wind by choosing not to yield to Him. He wants to take you out of your comfort zone, He wants to challenge you to go to new levels, He wants to convict you, change you, mold you, promote you, but you can resist. 

Everyone that stays in the wind will be affected. 

Be Blessed, 
J. Tate