My Coffee Cup and My Helper

I hate that my flesh strives to lean on its own understanding when the Spirit of the Living God dwells on the inside of me. During Bible school while I lived in Louisiana our professors would remind us all the time, "Why try to figure things out yourself, when you have a Genius living on the inside of you?" My brain can't even fully grasp that reality. The Holy Spirit, the fullness of God Himself in Spirit, the very power and anointing that led Jesus in His earthly ministry, He dwells in me. More baffling than that truth is that He is here to help me. I won't bring out my list of John 14 scriptures because if you've read my blog at all over the last 6 months you know them, but I am still humbled by Jesus saying that it was better for Him to leave, so that we could receive, this Helper, the precious Holy Spirit.

Do we grasp the depth of this Truth? I won't go into a lot of detail, but I've been studying in depth some symbolism between Adam and Eve. Do you remember why God made Eve for Adam? "Because it was not good for man to be alone, so He created a HELPER, for him." .... SELAH.

The Holy Spirit is the Helper that man has craved and needed from the point of his very creation. You need this precious Gift dwelling on the inside of you. He can literally bring peace in chaos, provision in lack, truth in lies, comfort in grief, joy in sadness, understanding in confusion, a plan in disarray, an answer to the questions, a path through the forest, stairs in the valley... on and on and on goes His limitless knowledge and resources. Not only is a Genius living on the inside of you, but every answer, every plan, every path, every truth, every right word, every right turn, the very will of God is found in relying on the Holy Spirit. That is why we say "I trust in Him with all my heart, I lean not to MY OWN UNDERSTANDING, in all my ways I acknowledge HIM, and He will make my path straight". All you need that pertains to LIFE and GODLINESS, has been given unto you, through the Holy Spirit. The Word even says He REVEALS THINGS TO COME TO YOU. Just as Jesus could speak nothing that the Father would not speak, do nothing the Father would not do, the Holy Spirit will so guide you in the path of righteousness. You want to love what He loves, hate what He hates, get to know the One inside of you that knows the Father more intimately than we have ever dreamed.

This morning I was running a little late (ahhhh) and I was carrying my bags, flying into my car with hands full, travel coffee mug in hand. As I sat in my car, I realized my coffee lid was not screwed in, just sitting on top. I started turning it and it WOULD NOT GO DOWN. (Sometimes i hate travel mugs for this reason). I tried and tried, and I could not get the stupid lid to screw on right. I just half considered pouring out my delicious, soothing, comfort coffee, when I remembered, I can't get this lid on, but I know who can. I just said Holy Spirit, like everything else in life, I can't do this without you, can you please make this lid go on?. One turn and it screwed on perfectly.

Did you know that the Holy Spirit even cares about your coffee mug? Jesus said He was my Helper. He didn't say He is here to solely teach you about Me, He will not help you with your insignificant musings in life. Don't bother such a Heavenly Being with your pitiful human cares. Only ask the Holy Spirit about God, Jesus, and the Bible.... Nope. That's not what He said. He said, "I am sending a Helper..." He will help you on your test, He will help you unlock the door, He will help the car start, He will help you know what to say in disagreements, He'll help you bring peace to a frustrating situation, He'll tell you whether to turn right or left, He'll help when you're $100 short on your car note, and He'll even help your coffee mug lid go on right.

I have a Helper. Do I let Him Help? It'd be a shame to have a $100,000 check and sit it on the dresser and just think about how awesome it is to have $100,000. I could even tell anyone I have $100,000. I could preach a sermon on how I got that $100,000 check, but if I never take that check to the bank then what's the point? Don't let the Holy Spirit just sit inside and be a wonderful Gift that you never tap into.

Be Blessed, J. Tate