Vulnerability That Heals

I'm a big believer in vulnerability with community and obviously with God. I was taught over and over again in my classes at Tech that the depth of vulnerability will determine the depth of relationship. If I'm never vulnerable enough to display the real me then any relationship is only based off of the me I'm willing to display. I could so identify with this as I had seen God call me into greater vulnerability over and over and over again as He wanted to show me what it meant to be His Beloved. He wanted me to be completely vulnerable with Him, so that I could see that I am loved despite all of the faults. I have pushed and supported vulnerability in Godly accountability groups, mentorships, discipleship, small groups, and amongst your closest friends. These relationships show us the Father's heart for us. It reveals the lies of the enemy of being unloved, of being the "only one", it reveals loneliness, unworthiness, shame, guilt, etc.

Yesterday, the speaker at the conference mentioned vulnerability with our Father God. He said God wants you to be vulnerable with Him and He wants to be vulnerable with you. WHAT? GOD WANTS TO BE VULNERABLE WITH ME?!? God wants to reveal the very depths of His heart to you. We see it throughout scripture, including one of my favorite passages where it says "God spoke to Moses face to face as He was talking to a friend". God wants you to know the desires and passions of His heart.

I can easily say that God is my best friend because I am more vulnerable with Him than I ever have or ever will be with any human. I lay it all out for Him so to speak. At the age of 16 I told God I don't want you to know my heart because you're God and you read hearts. I don't want to be like the disciples when Jesus had to call them out by what was on their hearts rather than them just expressing to Him their doubts and fears. I determined then that I would discuss my insecurities, my doubts, my fears, my sin, my joy, my passion, my desires, I'd be vulnerable and put it all on the table for Him. Now don't get me wrong there are times I withdraw, there are times I become ashamed and don't want to go to Him, there are times I've felt like He doesn't hear, He doesn't care. I've been through the whirl wind of emotions as well.

Vulnerable- Capeable of or suceptible to being wounded or attacked

Let's be honest, we don't want to be vulnerable with others because we're afraid we will be rejected for who we really are. We're afraid of the shame, guilt, condemnation, that might come from another person. I get that, really I do. However, with God? He will never condemn you, He will never place guilt on you (Jesus already paid the price for your sin, there's nothing left that needs to be paid for).

God desires your vulnerability for a few reasons but I'm going to address just a couple. One, He loves you. He just wants to be intimate with you and vulnerability leads to intimacy. As you reveal your heart to Him you become open, you allow His love to penetrate in to the core of who you are. Vulnerability that is reassured leads to trust. As you are vulnerable with another and find that you're not rejected it breeds trust and more vulnerability which breeds more trust, which cultivates love, which breeds more..... Do you get it? Vulnerability with Him leads to deeper intimacy and relationship with Him. (The same principle works with people, however vulnerability that is rejected or not affirmed will obviously hurt a relationship)

The big thing is that God wants to bring healing to your heart, He wants to bring truth to your insecurities. As you open up and are vulnerable with Him about how you really feel, what you really believe, what really hurts and why it hurts, you allow His Holy Spirit to address that issue with you. You are now more open to hearing from Him on that issue. Now as you open up your heart, He will open up His and bring healing directly to your places of hurt, confusion, discontent, pain, lies, distrust, depression, disappointment, go on and on and on. In your willingness to be vulnerable you actually allow God to bring Truth to your situation. Isn't it beautiful?

All you have to do is step out. Trust Him one time and you'll be addicted. Open up one time and you'll never stop. You will be hooked. God will then return your vulnerability for more intimacy, more truth, more trust, more depth in your relationship with Him and not only will He touch your heart, you'll begin to hear His too. OH IT'S GLORIOUS!!

Father, we want to hear your heart beat. We want to love what you love and hate what you hate. Oh how your bride desires to know You. How we long for your presence, your truth, your touch. Draw us closer into you. Closer into your love, closer into Your heart. We want to know You.

Be Blessed, J. Tate