Who You Are

Who are you? 
If we asked the people who interacted with you we'd get many different responses based off of their encounters with you. Let me give you a few that I've gotten of myself just this week. 

While working a track meet a student from another school had the last name "Alpha", I said hey I really like your last name it reminds me of how awesome God is. One of my athletes responds, "Don't let that creep you out, she's a Jesus freak, and talks about Him all the time". (I'm not gonna lie, I liked that LOL) 
While working some girls out that were having to do punishments, I asked a girl, "I'm not mean am I" (I knew the girl well and was expecting a certain response that I didn't get LOL). The girl responds with "uh yea, sometimes, like now"... 
A student of mine had an aunt get in a car wreck recently and he said, "I know that you know Jesus and you said He heals, do you think you could ask Him to heal my aunt?" 
A friend of mine and I were talking last night and she mentioned some places that I have some long time insecurities and mentioned "that's just the way you are". (NO I'M NOT TELLING YOU WHAT THE INSECURITIES ARE) 

There were a couple more I could add, but for time's sake won't. Do you see the point though? Four different people, four different opinions or thoughts of who I am, of some characteristics I have, and all of those are literally in just two days. Each are based off of various interactions with me. Some of those were positive and some were negative. 

Do we realize how many people make a judgement of who we are off of our routine daily encounters with them? What do I want them to say about me? I would hope that they see something that looks like Jesus out of my actions, my words, my love. I know who I want to be, and I know what I want people to see. Do I live daily in a way that others would see Jesus in me and through me? 

The song, "You are for me" comes to mind, when she says, "You come down to remind me, who you are". 

As much as people make judgements of who you are, we make judgements of who He is. The most important thing is to see God for Who the Word says He is, but many times we try to judge His character by the circumstances before us. We try to judge Him by the lying thoughts the enemy feeds us. I would never want someone to judge me by something my nemesis says about me!!! And yet we often do this to God. 

Oh to recognize and trust His Word that He is who He says He is. 

This morning I'm self-examining if I'm living my life in every encounter with people in a way that would demonstrate the very nature of Jesus Christ. Selah. 
I'm also pondering how good God is and reflecting on what encounters with Him or circumstances have caused me to formulate what I believe His character is. Do my thoughts about who He is match up with the Word? 

Take some time today to examine yourself. Say it with me... reflection is my friend :) 
Be Blessed, 
J. Tate