I Have A Name For You- Cowdh

Names are so important throughout Biblical history and let's be honest they're still important to us today. We want to know that the people we care about, also care about us, so we create nicknames for them. We have names for our romantic partner, for our family members, for those who have impacted our lives, among sports teams, etc. Off the top of my head I can think of some of the names various people have given me in my life starting with Sissy, Tater, Tater Bug, or my Botswana name Bufelo (full of life), college name J-Tate, my roommate in VP calls me her BeBe, my mentor here has several names for me just depending on how much I'm annoying her at the moment (LOL), even some of the kids I disciple call me various names from mommy, sister, honeybun, PJ, etc.

Each and every one of these names matter to me. When my grandma calls me Sissy, it's endearing to me, it reminds me that I'm special to her, when Kayce calls me J-Tate it reminds me of so many precious moments, when Connie calls me her Bebe it reminds me she accepts me, when Mrs. Laurie calls me pickles it reminds me that she's there for me, when my kids call me mommy, sister, honeybun, pj, it reminds me how much I love each of them and have a responsibility to them.

Names are meaningful.

Right before I moved from VP we were often talking about the various names of God and how each one relates to us. When I moved back to Liberty Mrs. Laurie had started calling God Abba. All of this sent me on a pursuit. I realized that God had a name for me, but I wanted a name for Him. Obviously that would typically be something I would keep between just me and Him, but I am just so amazed at the impact of this Word study that I want to share it with you.


This word means company of persons (in close deliberation); by implication, intimacy, consultation, a secret. It used in all of the close relationships with God that I have been studying in my "beloved" study since I was 17. The root word in its greek correlation is used when John reclines on Jesus bosom, this word is used when the Bible says God met with Moses face to face as talking to a friend, it's used several times with Abraham, when he is called a friend of God, when God came and spoke to him in the tent, it's used when God divulged secrets to the prophets, or even when simple close friends were communicating with each other. And my most favorite:

Job 29:4 as I was in the days of my harvest, when the friendly counsel of God was in my tent;" (NKJV)

It's used many times to portray an intimate and secret relationship with God where He often pours out much wisdom on His people.

I have found my name for God! My Jehovah Cowdh. He is my God of intimate friendship, secrets, love, intimacy, caring, comforting, sharing, learning. He is my God who is close to me. He calls me His beloved, I am His and He is mine.

Why do I share this with you? Because this is a beautiful picture of the intimate relationship that God wants to have with each and every one of us. A relationship where we can recline upon His bosom like John, where He can talk to us face to face like Moses, where He can trust us like He trusted Abraham, where He can bring friendly counsel to our lives like Job. He wants to have a relationship with you where you have special names for Him and He has special names for you, where you have special secrets, intimate consultations, and times where He reveals to you divine plans for your life.

I know it's often hard for us to imagine having that type of relationship with God, but do you realize out of all of the people I've mentioned they were under the Old Covenant, before they even had our precious Holy Spirit living inside of them, before the very Spirit of God was right inside of me? How much more can we be in communion with Him now? I'll save you from the Holy Spirit speech, but I'm here to tell you it's possible. We have a picture of what close intimacy with God looks like.

I have found my name for Him. He is my God of intimate friendship.

Be Blessed, J. Tate