"I Am Still God"

il_fullxfull.380159211_97uh The Bible says that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge (Prov. 9:10)

Sometimes in prayer I get this overwhelming sense of how MIGHTY God is. It is those times when you drop to your knees in reverence of the Almighty Creator God who was and is and is to come, the one that Jesus said don't fear men, but rather fear God who can kill not just the body, but also the soul.

I love the tenderness of my Daddy God, I love the intimacy of my Beloved God, I love the trust of my Best Friend God, of course i'm obsessed with my new name for Him my Jehovah Cowdh in whom is my secret, intimate, friendship. However, we must never forget who is Lord, who gets to call the shots, who is in charge, who deserves respect and honor.

A few months ago, I was whining (I know i've got to stop that) about a situation that I was just really struggling with. I was telling God how I just didn't like that situation, I was ready for it to just be over, you could equate it to a toddler throwing a tantrum because their parent told them to clean their room. In my moment of crying (yes crying) God said something that changed my attitude real quick. He said, "Jessika I am your Father, Jessika I am your provider, Jessika I am your Beloved and you are mine, Jessika I am your Best Friend, but

"Jessika I AM STILL GOD."

Yes He is. He is all of those intimate, close, caring, loving, roles in my life, and yet He is still the One that I have handed the reigns over to. He is still God. All mighty, all powerful, in charge, in control, He gets to say what I will and will not do. I figure these are the type of humbling moments that Moses had when a burning bush began to tell him what he would do, Paul when he was knocked off his donkey, Jonah while in the belly of the fish, Peter when he was rebuked, etc.

God is still God. It is in Him, through Him, by Him. He is God. He is The God. The I Am. The One. The Head Honcho. The Leader of the Pack. The Way The Truth The Life. As a parent longs to be comfort, be close to, hold, care for, provide for, affirm, and love their children, so do they also desire to guide, correct, discipline, and teach them. As a parent you want your door to be open for your children to come in and sit on  your lap and share their hurts, concerns, thoughts, but at the same time you remain in a role that demands respect, obedience, and honor.

Find comfort in the fact that God is still God. He is in control, He will guide you, and instruct you, He will convict you, and ask you to change, but in that I can trust and know my Daddy God, the only I AM, will always guide me down the right path, His instruction will always be the best advice, His conviction will always enhance my life. Oh I love knowing that He is in control.

Be Blessed, J. Tate

Ps. 46:10 Be still and know that I AM GOD Jer. 32:27 I AM THE LORD... Isa. 45:5 I am the Lord and there is NO OTHER Exodus 3:14 I AM THAT I AM...