Power At Your Fingertips

  bibleThere's something that infuses me as I sit down with my Bible open in my lap.

At sixteen years old I can remember the euphoria I'd feel as I sat out on my back porch in the evenings after the sun had gone down with the Bible stories jumping off the page at me. I remember picking up the phone multiple times to call my best friend and say, "DID YOU KNOW THAT GOD SHUT THE MOUTHS OF LIONS WHEN DANIEL WAS IN THE LION'S DEN?", "Did you know that they saw Jesus in the midst of the fiery furnace?", "Did you know that a DONKEY TALKED?", "Did you know that Ezekiel prophesied into dry bones and THEY CAME TO LIFE?", "DID YOU KNOW THAT IT SAYS GOD TALKED TO MOSES LIKE A FRIEND?" , "Did you know that Jesus said..."

The Bible came alive and became real to me. Many times over the years I can pick up what is just a book to many others and it feels as if the very love, peace, and power of God comes just from opening its pages. There's the sense that with the very Word of God at my fingertips NOTHING can overcome me.

This morning as I sat down once again I ran my hands over my Bible. This is a fairly new one. As many of you know it's been my policy to get a new Bible every year or so, because I never want to become dependent on my own highlights, side notes, or the emotional value of something that is so much more than that. I hold this ver alive Word of God as my prized possession.

This morning I want to remind you just what you have in that book that dawns many coffee tables, book shelves, church pews, hotel dressers. Perhaps we realize the significance of this book, but have yet forgotten its very power to change your circumstances.

In Bible school we were often reminded that the Word of God coming out of your mouth is just as powerful as if it were coming out of the mouth of Jesus. You see what God gives authority to no power in hell can take it away.

The Word of God is sharper than any two edged sword and it will pierce the heart of men, it will divide truth from lies in your life, it will bring the peace of God, the joy of God, the love of God, to infuse you with strength to carry on through your circumstances.

Oh what you have in your hands is so much more than a book, it is the very essence of God Himself written to His love. When I hold this book it is so much more than a book, it is my love letter from my Beloved, it is my call to arms from my King, it is my Defense from my Great Attorney, it is my textbook from My Teacher, it is my Instructions from my Master, it is my Comfort from my Counselor, it is my Redemption from my Redeemer, it is the Answer Key to the most important test I'll ever take, it is the Sword that will arm me for battle, it is my Justification from the One and only Mediator who Justifies, it brings me into new life and shows me the path of righteousness. As you hold what appears to be just a book remember that John said In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Don't think it strange when you open the very tangible essence of the godhead and goosebumps over take your flesh, your natural man may not grasp the very supernatural thing that is happening, but your Spirit does. There at your fingertips is the very answer to every question, it is the solution for every problem, it is the love, joy, peace, faithfulness, discipline, correction, truth, acceptance, patience, kindness, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding that you have been crying out for. As you open that book all of heaven knows that empowerment is about to take place, and all hell knows to shudder.

The Bible is just a book to any non-believer, but in the hands of Holy Spirit sealed believer it's a weapon of mass destruction to the kingdom of hell.

Be Blessed, J. Tate