A Challenge

This week I'm inviting you to enter into a little challenge with me. Something happened yesterday that bothered me. I allowed it to not only bother me, but cause me to be upset. Then after I was upset I was having a real hard time concentrating on doing the things I needed to do while being the person I need to be.

God will forever be trying to teach me not to let my emotions dictate my actions, but as I sat at my desk with all of this emotion the Holy Spirit began to work. This time it wasn't with answers of how to immediately fix the problem, it wasn't with Him affirming me, it wasn't with any clarity of why the situation happened, though He often does those things, this time a person came to mind.

This person that came to mind is walking through something much harder than I am. As they came to mind I began to pray for them and my issue silently slid into the backseat. As I sat down for lunch my situation came back to mind and my heart began to hurt again when I checked my email and read stories of orphans in the DRC. I began to pray for these children and once again, my situation just seemed to go away. When I returned to work a student came into my room with tears and of course my frustrations melted. Later that day I ran into a lady who is apart of a family I've been trying to minister to and she began to tell me of some difficult issues that had recently happened and how her family was struggling to overcome them. That evening I was at my friend's house as we began to discuss the Rwandan genocide and the atrocities that occurred there. We discussed a nation that still deals with the effects of mass murder.

Over and over and over and over again throughout the day I realized something, "Someone else has it worse".

As I reflected on this truth, I know that though my heart was legitimately hurt, it is nothing compared to what many people deal with everyday. It's a slight scratch in a world that is dealing with deep wounds. It pales in comparison to children watching their parents die, to families dealing with cancer, divorce, deaths, etc.

There are many issues in life that we get worked up about just as the enemy wants us to do and yet so many of them if we'd step back and just think "someone else has it worse", then our frustration and negative emotion can be avoided.

This is my challenge this week. As I go throughout this week, every time I want to get upset, frustrated, hurt, offended, I'm going to replace those emotions with thoughts of someone else who needs my prayer. You will find that in the midst of your own problems if you will stop and intercede for someone else, the peace of God will flow into you.

Be Blessed, J. Tate