A Standard Attained

"Let us therefore, as many as are perfect, have this attitude; and if in anything you have a different attitude, God will reveal that also to you; however, let us keep living by the same standard to which we have attained." (Phil. 3:15-16) Philippians 3 is debatably one of my favorite passages. Those two scriptures are right after Paul was saying that he forgets what lies behind and reaches forward to what is ahead.

He then says as many of us that are perfect. Don't get hung up on that word, perfect, in the greek it simply means those who are mature, those who have knowledge etc. So Paul is saying, those of us that have matured, should have this attitude. This attitude of Phil. 3:8-14. Counting all things as loss for the sake of Christ, pushing to know Him and the power of His resurrection, in humility not thinking you have arrived, and yet forgetting the past and pushing forward to what God has in store next.

Paul says have that kind of attitude and if you don't, God will reveal it to you. I love that about God. He won't leave me in my wrong thinking, but rather He will reveal to me where my thinking doesn't line up with the Word. He will reveal Truth.

Now finally this last part, "let us keep living by the same standard to which we have attained". This is what I really wanted to focus on as I read that this morning my mind flooded with lessons learned and scriptures revealed. Paul is saying DON'T GO BACK!!! Let us continue to live in the wisdom and revelation that we have gotten.

I see it in my own life, but especially in teenagers. How many times has God convicted you for something and 8 months later you're back to doing it again. Let's say something simple, don't listen or watch media that curses, talks about sex, or things that are ungodly because Phil. 4:8 says "whatever is true, pure, noble, right, think on these things". So you get convicted and we throw away cd's, we throw out movies, we delete songs from itunes, and a year later we've redownloaded them and bought new dvd's?

How many times has God had to say to me, "Jessika, don't say that, don't act like that, don't get that attitude" and it lasts for a season, but then eventually I find myself doing it again.

Paul is exhorting, KEEP LIVING IN THE STANDARD THAT YOU HAVE ATTAINED. Don't shrink back, don't lie down, don't regress, but push on for the mark, rise to the high calling of life in Jesus Christ.

I'll end with what I told my youth in Louisiana almost every youth service, the worse thing anyone could ever say about me is, there's jessika she sure used to be on fire for God. Let's go deeper, let's go farther, let's keep growing, know Jesus more today than yesterday, look like Jesus more today than yesterday, we have been crucified with Christ and we know longer live, but He lives IN US.

Be Blessed, J. Tate