Honor Your Mother and Father

Honor your father and mother”—which is the first commandment with a promise— “so that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth.” (Ephesians 6:2-3) This post will probably not be so popular among the young adults. Yesterday was Mother's Day and mother's day always gets me to thinking. It's taken a lot of "mom's" to raise me. Of course I have my natural birth mother who poor soul had a heck of a pregnancy, delivery, and battle for the first few years of my life. (Don't get me started on how "special" I am because satan was trying to destroy me before I was even conceived). Along with my birth mother there have been special women that God placed in my life to help mentor me, support me, and grow me. Every Mother's day I reflect on all of these mom's and I know without a doubt or hesitation I would not be who I am without them.

When I was in college, God began to give me revelation on what it means to honor your father and mother. Oh I am in no way perfect act this. I still often have to battle my flesh to put it into submission with God's Word and ways for my life. So what does it mean to honor Mother and Father? I was talking about this very topic not too long ago with my mentor and spiritual Mom when we both came to the conclusion that most children, young adults, and perhaps mature adults in our society don't have a clue.

This is what  God showed me in college. Did you know that throughout scripture the word honor means... to honor. In fact when God gives the commandment to honor Him in deuteronomy it is the same word honor he used in Exodus when He said to honor thy father and mother. So what was this big revelation? Oh it's quite simple, when God said to honor Father and Mother He meant it with the same seriousness as when He said to honor God Himself.

As I honor God I give Him my affirmation, I give Him my attention, I give Him my services, I give Him oh oh you ready for this, my income, I give Him my respect, I prize His desires above my own. Now obviously parents are not our God, nor should they be, but we could learn a lot in just taking small steps to honoring our parents whether they be natural birthed, spiritually birthed, or adopted.

I realize and have been reminded lately that parents enjoy giving to and serving their children. Young people I'm not saying that we don't allow our parents to give to us, to provide for us, to do things for us, because that is their joy. I'm saying take opportunities to do the same. If you're unable to do anything for them financially then do the dishes without being asked, wash the car, perhaps just spend some time with them, write them a letter, if you have the means, take them to dinner, buy them a gift. Probably the best thing you can do is just be obedient without an attitude, tell them that you love and appreciate all they do. I try to take the time to do something at least once a week for my parents (birth and spiritual) that they didn't ask for. Whether that be paying for a meal, washing a car, doing their laundry, buying a gift, or just sitting down for a conversation.

We live in a culture where young people lack honor. We (yes we) think that parents and adults owe us everything. They should praise us, but have no need for praise from us, they should pay for us, but we have no need to give back, they should do things for us, but we don't need to return the favor, and then when it's all said in done we often have the mentality that we know more than they do.

Young people and adults alike, go and learn what this means, He desires compassion, not sacrifice, He desires honor, not pity. As we learn to give honor and teach honor, then our days will be long and we will enjoy life on this earth. I can think of no two better things to teach my young spiritual children, to honor God with everything within them and to honor their parents. Thereby I am giving them the gift of living in the blessings of God and enjoying long life on earth. I could want no more for them.

Be Blessed, J. Tate