You're Valuable

This morning my heart is burning within me. It's causing a mood that's bringing unexplained tears and longing to hold, kiss, and love on the broken, downtrodden, discouraged, defeated, and mistreated. How many young children across the globe have no concept of the fact that they are valuable? That they mean something? That their life matters to someone?

How many of you reading this often battle doubts that anyone cares about you? How many of you wonder if you're loved?

How many men, women, children, teenagers, students, teachers, business people, clergy, sales clerks, cashiers, waiters, waitresses, will I pass today and throughout this week that lay their head on their pillows at night believing that their life means nothing?

I want to hug you today.

Value, according to is not based on the usefulness of an object, it's not based on the benefits the objects presents... Value is based simply on what someone is willing to pay or exchange for it.

Perhaps many orphans feel no value because their parents were willing to give them away, much less sale them. Perhaps those caught int he slave trade feel no worth because they were sold for a pack of cigarettes. Perhaps you feel no value because it often feels as though your family is willing to exchange you for a list of alternate opportunities.

What I know is that YOU ARE VALUABLE. My Best Friend was willing to exchange His entire life for you. My Father, My God, My Jehovah, thought you were valuable enough to send His Son, to die on a cross, so that you might have life. He wasn't concerned about what you would bring to the bargaining table. He just wanted you. He wanted you so much that He was willing to pay the highest price ever paid. Jesus Christ beaten to death for you.

We are valuable. Maybe today you just needed to be reminded of that, or perhaps God just needs you to remind someone of that today. Countless humans will go throughout their day today with no understanding of their worth to the Father and His Kingdom. They need to be told it's not based on what they have to offer, but simply on what was paid for them.

Be Blessed, J. Tatevalue