My Flesh Always Serves Me

My flesh always wants to serve me. This isn't a shocking statement, at the core of who it is, it's selfish. Self preservation of her body and emotions runs deep through her and no price is too high to pay to achieve her goals.

This flesh is very concerned with my happiness, which is all too often, just too flattering to turn down. We indulge her because what she craves and cries out for seems to be what makes us feel good. There's just a few problems with this flesh that i've learned over the years.

She is near-sighted, and moment consumed. Her eyes can't seem to grasp consequences, long term effects, or even consider how my obeying her with my actions might possibly effect someone else. Remember at the core of who she is, she's selfish. She's self consumed, she always takes into account my feelings, but still yet can only see so far as to what would feel good in this moment.

We have a battle with this flesh. You see the flesh craves those warm brownies and ice cream, with no understanding of what your body actually needs to survive long term. It never seems to think that running or exercise is a good idea, because well it might cause a little discomfort. It seems to have no knowledge of things like obesity, heart disease, diabetes, flesh just knows what sounds good, right now.

My alarm goes off and my flesh says just stay in bed. You can take another 15 minutes. However, she doesn't know the stress I'll have when I'm having to rush to get to work on time.

My flesh always wants to express my own opinion. Perhaps she knows more than you do and by all means it is her duty to tell you, but once again flesh doesn't seem to know that after I've expressed my "knowledge" to you, that I now have in turn created a conflict which is way harder to deal with than just keeping my mouth shut. Did she not see this coming?

My flesh wants you to get up and do the dishes, she wants you to pick up that mess (I mean you are the one who made it), she wants you to pay for dinner, she wants you to be the one to get up and refill my glass, once again she's consumed with what makes me feel good in this moment, but does she not know the Biblical principle that "it's better to give than to receive".

My flesh wants you to be the one to apologize, she wants you to admit you were wrong, she wants you to affirm me and acknowledge me, she wants you to see my value and worth. She wants you to give me credit and see that I am special. However, flesh seems to forget that the Word says "I have died with Christ", "do nothing out of selfish ambition", "think of others more highly than yourself".

My flesh will always want to serve me, but my flesh takes no account of consequences or the truth of the Word. The truth is that life and life abundant comes in the form of doing the opposite of my flesh and submitting to my Spirit.

"So I say walk in the Spirit and you will not gratify the desires of your flesh. For the flesh sets its desires on the things contrary to the Spirit and the Spirit contrary to the flesh; for these are in opposition to another so that you may not do the things that you please" (Gal. 5:16,17)

Your flesh will want to serve you in ways that may bring temporary happiness and comfort, but long term despair, hardship, and trials. The Spirit will urge you to serve God and follow the Word, which will preserve and lengthen your life, increase your ultimate joy, bring lasting peace, fulfilling relationships, allow you to receive and walk in love, honoring God and glorifying Him.

Be Blessed, J. Tate