Operation Infiltration Rural-Awakening

I just sat down in the Amsterdam airport with other members of the team. I was sitting between two young girls about my age and asked them their plans for their lives.

One is studying to be a teacher while working in full time ministry. Sound familiar? How about this!

The other never wanted to be a teacher and yet God told her to pursue avenues of teaching. Then He moved her back to her home town to be planted in her local church. She's from a small rural community in Michigan. She said there has been a MAJOR SHIFTING in her church lately. She believes that God sent her on this trip specifically to impart into her something that will boost that shifting.

Both girls have felt God impressing on them to learn to MOVE WITH THE SPIRIT IN THEIR EVERYDAY lives.

He has sent us into the public school to infiltrate and reach out to this generation.

As we sat next to each other in AWE of how similar our stories were we all felt the power and importance of what God is doing. Right here right now.

It is resonating through me. God is raising up a generation.

We are hungry for the move and power of the Spirit. He is training us up and sending us out. We will go back to our Rural communities to see God radically change the American church with the love and power of God.

This is the Rural-Awakening. It is coming. The time is here. It is now. Pastor Mike Glazener heard those words "Rural-Awakening" months ago. Pastor Mike, second Dad, my spiritual father, this is bigger than we thought.

I have two young ladies on each side of me who would confirm, God is doing something bigger than we knew.

Mozambique here we come. Impart to us Lord and let us dispense your love.

Be blessed J. Tate


Johannesburg next.