Let Faith Arise- testimonies from Africa

Let faith arise- signs miracles and wonders There is so much to say as I sit to ponder the last couple of weeks. God has done so much in me and I've seen so much. I will wait to start talking about some things until I've had time at home to really sit with the Holy Spirit and discuss the things God did in me. So today I'm just going to share several testimonies to boost your faith!

REMEMBER in the OT He was called Jehovah Rapha, The Lord out Healer. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He is still the God who heals. Today we fulfill His commission in mark 16 to "lay hands on the sick and they will recover". He is still the Healer, we are just the obedient followers to lay hands on the sick.

Our first stop was in Pemba on the iris base where Heidi and Rolland baker currently live. We took a bush outreach here are a few stories.

1. The Blind Eyes Open We were getting ready to head down to a well that iris was just going to go pray over and bless. I was sitting in the truck with the team when I climbed out and heard that a man was blind. One thing to note, anyone with any disability or disease is like gold to Iris students. They see a sick person and gravitate towards them like mosquitoes to a bug zapper. So at first it was me and two other girls praying for this blind man but when I looked up as we were wrapping up praying there was a mass of mozambiquens and iris students. We had someone stand in front of the man and show him fingers. The translator asked him to show us with his fingers what he saw. Our girl showed 2 he showed 2. She scooted back. She showed 4 he showed 4. This process continued until she was at least 35 ft away. He came up to us blind, but He left seeing. PRAISE JESUS. *we saw several blind eyes open and heard stories of others. This is just the one I personally saw him walk up blind with a stick and a helper and saw him walk away without them*

2. He gives life During testimony time we were told about a woman who was pregnant and came up for prayer. She had bled and for 2 wks the baby she had felt moving in her womb had not moved. The team began to pray for her and she began screaming and smiling. SHE FELT THE BABY KICKING! *the Word says that Jesus came to bring life. Still today Jesus brings life as He enters our hearts and gives us eternal life, but also as He continues to raise people from the dead. Iris ministries has over 300 documented people raised from the dead*

3. Water that never runs dry This is my personal favorite. As we went to the well to dedicate and bless it, Heidi's spiritual daughter Angelica was pumping the well for the water and nothing was coming out. I asked her if she needed help and she said yes, so I climbed up and began pumping. Nothing was coming out. At this time Heidi told us that the villagers were saying that it has been broken and that's why the villagers were so thirsty. We began to let the kids drink from out water bottles and you could tell they were THIRSTY. A thirst we've probably never experienced from days without water. At this time Heidi asked us to pray. We laid hands on the well and ask the God of miracles to send water. We prayed for 2 or 3 minutes and nothing happened, so we were going to go. As I turned to walk off I hear a loud SHRILL and children running to the well. WATER WAS FLOWING OUT AND NO ONE WAS EVEN PUMPING. *i have this all on video and will get it online once I'm home. The Bible says that we are filled with rivers of running water and Jesus said that He gives water where we'll never thirst again. I'm thankful that He fulfills us with His love and Spirit, but also thankful that He still meets tangible needs. The Word says He feeds and clothes the sparrows, how much more will He give to us His children? It says ask ANYTHING in his

His name and it shall be given unto us.

4. Praise in the garbage We went to Maputo the capital of Pemba and visited the local garbage dump. Words won't do justice to what I saw. A whole community built around the dump and people scavenging through for food, bottles, plastic, Etc. While in the dump we had Georgian Banov (the evangelist the team came with) playing the fiddle as we went around singing, dancing, laughing, praising God, and of course praying for people. There was a lady who was limping and several people on our team began to pray for her knee. After praying for a minute or two she began to bend it. Then she began to kick it. Then she began to jump up and down. Soon she was dancing and praising. God had completely healed her knee.

5. The masses fed In South Africa we went to a slum area. We brought 100 boxes of KFC. We spent time rejoicing and singing with them and then began to feed them. There were HUNDREDS. As the boxes began to be passed out. They picked one up and as they turned to grab another one there was a box in the same place. Over and over and over this one box wasn't running out! PRAISE JESUS.

There are many more stories and many more healings and testimonies. The greatest of course that many have come to know Jesus and now no matter their circumstances here, they'll be rejoicing with us in heaven one day.

I will tell more after my return to the states or as I have time to write I we the next few days. *please pray for strength and grace as we wrap up this trip eith a conference and outreaches. then begin the long haul home. I arrive in Houston Tuesday night and leave early the next morning to get to Impact youth camp to see my spiritual children and watch God move mightily in their lives as He always does at camp.*

Be blessed. J. Tate