To Every Single Believer

I'm sitting here ready so sleep in joburg South Africa just returning from another amazing time with The Lord. I'm ready for bed but cannot lay down until I convey this message for believers that's burning in my Spirit. The majority of our time in Africa has not been spent in churches but in dirt, just how I like it. We've been in the bush bush, in the streets, the slums, the garbage dump, with the murderers, adulterers, drug addicts, and heathen. We've seen demons casted out, blind eyes see, deaf ears here, limping people throw off their canes, miracles of provision, protection, and grace. Then of course we've seen the love of Jesus that He would heal a sinner, bring them to repentance, just as it did when He walked the earth.

Jesus said it was better for Him to leave so that we might receive the Holy Spirit. In Mark Jesus said these signs will follow those that believe (my paraphrase) they'll lead people to Jesus, cast out demons, be supernaturally protected, and heal the sick. In Acts it says we receive power to become these witnesses (the witnesses Mark 16 talks about) when Holy Spirit comes upon us.

Tonight we were in a "typical" church service. We had amazing worship, there was preaching, and then there was alter time. They gave us an opportunity to go up and prophesy or give words of knowledge and many people were healed as they were prayed for.

Day in and day out we've seen miracle after miracle after miracle. While here I've seen that there are people all around the globe from children to people in their 80's (we have a couple in their 70's with us) and all of these are HUNGERING for more of God. They are not satisfied with a little bit of Him, they're not satisfied with just a small touch of Him, surface knowledge of the Word has not quenched their thirst, one miracle a month has not stopped the driving force, 2 people saved a month hasn't filled their appetite, this group is desperate for this move of God.

For a year (really longer but intensely for a year) a burning has been so strong in my stomach that nothing has stopped it's groaning. Oh I would hear from The Lord and find peace then the desperation would come back. Every time I opened the Word I was drawn to the gospels, john 13-17, and the book of Acts. The Holy Spirit would not let me deny the fact that God was more real than what I had seen with my own eyes, more intimate and tangible than I had ever felt, He wanted to do more than what I had been letting Him do in me and through me. A culture of miracles wasn't to be lived in just by Jesus, the disciples, some anointed prophet or evangelist, or even just the broken in the bush of Africa. The culture of miracles was the very heart beat of the model prayer, "Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven" to be seen, tasted, touched, and lived in BY EVERY SINGLE BELIEVER.

I HAVE GOOD NEWS. We can have it and you might as well jump on board because there is a boat full of lovesick followers of Jesus who have been ruined for normal. This global army will know the heart of the Father in intimate love, they will be coated in the fragrance of Christ, and walk I'm the fullness of the power of the Holy Spirit. This army will see the miracle working power of the love of Jesus Christ. This will not be a rare occurrence reserved for special meetings and church services. No this will be a culture of miracles. The majority of these healings, Salvations, and testimonies will be seen in the common places. These will be done in the streets, the dirt, the market place, restaurants, hotels, work places, grocery store etc. because a lovesick people cannot withhold what a dying world needs. The tangible love of Jesus.

Don't worry. The global bride will see more of an outpouring in its services than it ever has before, but as Mark 16 is revealed we won't need near as many healing lines in "church", for the church because nothing deadly shall harm them. However what these Bride services will have is more impartation and fire. Remember Jesus said I will baptize you in the Holy Ghost and fire. Does your church services need more fire? It's coming. You will see more manifestations of the very presence of God in these services so that grace can overflow on His children. More grace to do the assignments, more direction straight from His heart, more revelation and wisdom of His Word, more miracles of provision and protection.

This army is rising up. Are you apart of it? Are you hungering, thirsting, seeking, pursuing? Do not let this unique time for the Bride of Christ pass you by.

I beseech you. Get on board with what God is doing globally. Don't be a pew sitter. Don't miss this. Use e power you've been given to be apart of this culture of miracles and watch as "many were added to them daily" just as an Acts. Not just for the Africans, but Americans, Europeans, Asians, Austrailians, etc. If you're not plugged in to a local church, get in one, you will need the protective covering of a pastor, the support of a community, and the grace that will be imparted as you are obedient to "not forsake the assembling together of yourselves as time draws near".

Be blessed, J. Tate